Expolinc Customer Showcase

The Customer Showcase is published to show the world how creative Expolinc customers really are. It is produced to spark ideas in exhisting customers to design something the world hasn't seen before. It is also published to say thank you to Expolinc's loyal customers who utilize Expolinc to the fullest. Producing crap is the easiest thing in the world. That’s why we refuse to do it. Saving a fistful of dollars in production costs always mean the same thing: compromises made in regard to materials, design and function. And we’re not willing to make that sacrifice, since it risks shattering the brand you’ve spent time, energy and money to build, if it ends up on a wobbly image wall, a print that detaches itself at will, or a roll up that just will not stand straight. It would turn the projected savings into a loss – a costly illusion. That’s why we only make portable display systems that leads the way for our industry. And we do it at reasonable prices, without negotiating away anything needed for you to be able to meet potential customers in the very best of settings. That’s the love we know your brand deserves.

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