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Sandman enjoys "total" USD experience By Jacqueline Genovese

graduate housing complex. This in- cludes contracting and assigning all un- dergraduate residents, maintaining oc- cupancy reports and communicating room-and-board information to ap- propriate departments. Her position also includes numerous publication duties, which Hagan describes: "We joke with Judy about her becoming editor of her own publish- ing company. She annually reviews and updates all of our numerous lists, forms, brochures and contractual materials. Since 1983 she has served as editor of USD's New Student Record ... During this past year Judy has added co-editor of Live at USD - our Housing and Residence Life newsletter - to her publishing responsibilities." Sandman enjoys the challenge of new responsibilities, and remains un- daunted when extra time and effort are required. "I want to do whatever is best for the university," she says with a quick laugh and a shrug of her shoulders. The Tierrasanta resident says the best part of her job is working with the students. ''The students keep me young. They have fresh ideas and such ener- getic attitudes. They are great to work with, because they don't hesitate to question the way things are done, and say, 'maybe there's a better way of doing this.' I like that." Sandman's attitude is much the same, says Hagan. "Judy is almost sin- gularly responsible for computerizing Controller; Jane L. McVay, recep- tionist, Undergraduate Admissions; Karen Moyers, program assistant, Lawyers Assistant Program; Denise R. Porter,, merchandising assistant, Bookstore; John W. Rhine, public safety officer, Public Safety; Louisa T. Sales, clerical assistant, Development; Amy E. Strassberg, executive assis- tant, Center for Public Interest Law; Maria Tavares, receptionist, Housing Administration; George R. Trueman, cook, Main Dining Room; Gregory L. Wilkerson, library assistant, Legal Re- search Center. Congratulations to the following employees who recently earned a promotion:

Housing Assistant Judy Sandman '87, '90 (M.Ed.) laughs when asked about her experi-ences as an under- graduate at USD. "I was definitely the oldest student in my class, and a lot of times I was even older than my profes- sor!" she says. Despite the age difference, Sandman so enjoyed her experience as an under- graduate that she went on to earn a master's degree in education, where, she says, she wasn't always the oldest student in the class. But the Ohio native says she doesn't have plans to leave Alcala Park any time soon and return to teaching or pur- sue another career in education. "I've been here for 10 years and I am very content and happy," she says with a smile. Other people are happy she's at USD too. That was evident when Sandman was named runner-up for Staff Employee of the Year at the 1990 Employee Appreciation Picnic. In nominating the mother of two, Director of Housing Rick Hagan stated: " ... Judy has definitely developed into my 'right arm' with regard to our under- graduate housing program. She is a su- perior individual both personally and professionally and it is a joy to have her as a member of our Housing Office team." Sandman is responsible for the room managementofUSD's 1,850-bed under- New hires and promotions Welcome to the following employees who recently joined the USD community: Martha C. Adams, data processing clerk, Undergraduate Admissions; Juan J. Aguilar, custodian, University Cen- ter; Raney R. Castle, data processing assistant, Administrative Data Process- ing; Kathryn E. Cathcart, administra- tive secretary, Capital Campaign; Lilia A. Gutierrez, cook, Dining Ser- vices/Deli; Nancy J. Holbert, ad- minstrative secretary, Law School Ad- ministration; Hilari G. Ford, cashier,

Judy Sandman our Housing Office operation ... Judy takes pride in her work and most of the success our Housing Office has ex- perienced over the past decade is due to her energies." Acknowledging this with charac- teristic humility, Sandman says, "I've just always believed that if I'm going to do something, I should do it to the best of my abilities." Perla M. Bleisch, from faculty secretary A to faculty secretary B, Law School Administration; Frank B. Hol- comb, from public safety officer to public safety security assistant, Public Safety; Vina A. Landi, from parking services officer to parking services as- sistant, Public Safety; Wilbur H. Lane, from computer operator B to lead com- puter operator, Administrative Data Processing; Adriana Moran, from library assistant B to library assistant D, Copley Library; Maria G. Perry, from custodian B to custodian special service lead, University Center Operations; Thang D. Tran, from special services worker, General Services, to custodian special service lead, Custodial Service.


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