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VENOM ALLERGIES a preventative treatment Nearly 16 million people in the United States suffer from severe stinging insect allergies. Many are unaware of their allergy until they find themselves in the emergency room and are prescribed an epinephrine pen. However, reactive treatment alone can't provide true peace of mind. These individuals are always wondering if a deadly sting will occur the next time they step outdoors. Venom immunotherapy is the proactive treatment all medical professionals should know about. It is up to 98% effective at preventing systemic allergic reactions before a sting even takes place. 1

1 Golden, D. B. (2007 ). Insec t Sting Anaphylaxis . Immunology and Al lergy Cl inics of Nor th Amer ica , 27(2), 261-272 doi :10.1016/ j . iac .2007.03.008



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