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Food ALLERGY IMMUNOTHERAPY ALLERGEN GF46A01 Almond GF48A01 Apple (2) GF49A01 Apricot (2) GF55A01 Banana (2) GF56A02 Barley, Ground GF59A01 Bean, Lima GF295A01 Bean, Navy GF63A01 Bean, String Green GF241A01 Beef GF70A01 Blueberry GF72A01 Brazil Nut GF73A01 Broccoli (2) GF75A01 Buckwheat GF76A01 Cabbage GF79A01 Cantaloupe/Muskmelon GF82A01 Carrot (2) GF84A01 Cashew Nut GF8A01 Catfish GF87A01 Cauliflower GF88A01 Celery (2) GF90A01 Cherry GF265A01 Chicken Meat GF93A01 Chocolate/Cacao Bean GF95A02 Cinnamon GF10A01 Clam GF98A01 Coconut GF11A01 Codfish GF272A01 Egg White, Chicken GF271A01 Egg Whole, Chicken GF273A01 Egg Yolk, Chicken GF120A01 Filbert/Hazelnut GF16A01 Flounder GF121A01 Garlic GF125A01 Grape, White Seedless GFO1A01 GS Fish Mix (codfish, flounder, halibut, mackerel, tuna) GFO2A01 GS Shellfish Mix (clam, crab, oyster, scallops, shrimp) (SCRATCH ONLY) ITEMNO. GF99A01 Coffee GF102A02 Corn (2) GF12A01 Crab GF109A01 Cucumber (2)


ITEMNO. ALLERGEN GF20A01 Lobster, Maine GF21A01 Mackerel GF148A01 Malt GF293A01 Milk, Cow's Whole GF150A01 Mushroom (2) GF297A01 Mustard (2) GF153A01 Nutmeg GF154A01 Oat GF156A01 Olive, Green GF158A01 Onion GF159A01 Orange, Sweet GF23A01 Oyster GF169A01 Pea, Green/English

GF170A01 Peach (2) GF171A01 Peanut (1) GF172A01 Pear (2) GF173A01 Pecan

FOOD EXTRACTS Food extracts are available only as 5mL scratch: Scratch Diagnostic

GF175A01 Pepper, Black GF177A01 Pepper, Green (2) GF181A01 Pineapple GF258A01 Pork GF190A01 Potato, Sweet GF191A01 Potato, White GF198A01 Raspberry, Red

Glycerinated 1:20 w/v or strongest possible strength

EXTRACT EXCEPTION LEGEND (1) Not recommended for treatment because of

extreme potency (2) 1:40 w/v only (3) 1:100 w/v only

GF200A01 Rice GF204A01 Rye GM67A01

Saccharomyces (Brewer’s/Baker’s Yeast)

GF30A01 Salmon GF32A01 Scallops GF208A01 Sesame Seed GF34A01 Shrimp GF209A01 Soybean (2) GF211A01 Spinach (3) GF212A01 Squash, Yellow Summer (2) GF216A01 Strawberry (2) GF225A01 Tomato (2) GF40A01 Trout, Lake GF41A01 Tuna GF346A01 Turkey Meat GF228A01 Vanilla GF229A01 Walnut, Black GF230A01 Walnut, English GF232A01 Watermelon GF235A01 Wheat, Whole

GF132A01 Hops GF251A01 Lamb GF139A01 Lemon (2) GF142A01 Lettuce (2)

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