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SKIN TEST REACTION GUIDE RULERS Rulers used to measure erythema and wheals. ITEMNO. DESCRIPTION


9406ZA 859685 9495ZA


1/Each 25/Pack 50/Pack

Clear Plastic

Disposable Cardboard

HANSEL STAIN Solution of eosin and methylene blue used to stain nasal secretions for eosinophils. Eosinophils are an indication of the allergic process. ITEMNO. DESCRIPTION UNIT 8351ZA Hansel Stain Solution 8 oz. STANDARDIZED EXTRACT DOSAGE CALCULATOR Easy-to-use slide-rule calculator aids in the determination of the proper volumes needed for correct mixing of standardized components in patient formulations. ITEMNO. DESCRIPTION UNIT 859448 Dosage Calculator Each DOSING TABLES: QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE The guide defines the volumes of extract concentrate and diluent needed to prepare a variety of 5 mL maintenance doses using our extracts. The concentrations and recommendations fall within those defined in our package inserts as well as the Immunotherapy Practice Parameters. ITEMNO. DESCRIPTION UNIT 71000000490 Dosing Quick Reference Guide Each

Skin Test Reaction Guide Ruler

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