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I have always had a love of giving and receiving items or gifts which were per- sonalized. From the time when I was a little girl, my dad told me that the most important thing I could learn about a person was to remember his or her name. I took that to heart and when I taught school, on the first day of every teach- ing year, I would put name tags on the kids’ desks. At noon I told them to turn their name tags down and change desks for the time being. I’d go around the room and I would invariably be able to tell each child their first name 99% of the time. Right away those children KNEW they were special and that I cared about THEM! People are very important and they really appreciate receiving something that reinforces their self-worth. For a special occasion, as often as I can, I give per- sonalized gifts to my family and friends and that affirms to them that they ARE important and remembered. With that understanding and concept in mind, I have searched for sensitive and beautiful products for my website and I’m list- ing products which I hope will interest you also. My niche is about personal- izing products which seems to speak to each person’s worth! If you share my feelings, I hope you will pass this on by finding a product you would enjoy and want to give to someone special---or yourself

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