Rickmansworth School Sixth Form Prospectus

Examining Body - AQA LINEAR


REQUIREMENTS - GCSE LEVEL Grade 6 in Geography or Grade 6 in Science & 6 in English (if Geography not studied previously)

ADDITIONAL COSTS - Approx 1 Residential Field Course £450

The residential field course to East Yorkshire runs in Year 12. Payment will be due in the Autumn term.


ASSESSMENT A LEVEL - comprised of two exams & independent investigation: COMPONENT 1 Written Paper 2.5 hrs 40% of A Level mark

Geography is a popular subject and achievement in examinations is high. It provides a good progression from the topics studied at GCSE. The specification is issue and concept-based with fieldwork a key assessed element. The course is centred on four components which are assessed byexaminationat theendof Year 13. Theexaminationconsists of multiple choice data-response and essay-style questions. Students are required tomake full use of fieldwork, computer time and their own research. To allow pupils to engage in field work and see geographical phenomena first hand, there will be a compulsory one week field course toEast Yorkshire andday trips to local sites including East London. Geography is one of the Russell Group ‘facilitating subjects’ which means it provides a good academic grounding favoured bymany topuniversities. It canalsoeasilyadapt toscienceand arts basedcourses, whilst providingagoodgeneral education in its own right. Many of our students go on to study Geography or related disciplines at university. Related careers include Engineering, Surveying, Environmental Science and Town Planning as well as supporting broader professions such as Politics, Law, Economics and Teaching. PROGRESSION

Physical Geography COMPONENT 2 Written Paper

40% of A Level mark

2.5 hrs

Human Geography COMPONENT 3 - Geographical Investigation Extended Essay

3-4,000 words 20% of A Level mark

Human or Physical Geography


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