FM25B Synthesized FM Stereo Transmitter Kit


Ramsey Electronics Model No. FM25B Own and operate your own FM Stereo broadcast station. The FM25B has an exceptional synthesized transmission range and improved audio quality that puts your favorite radio station to shame.  No annoying Hum with even better stereo separation than the original!  New design features ‘Line In’ and ‘Loop Out’ 1/8” Stereo jacks!  “F’ style RF output connector for easy connection to an external antenna  Fully adjustable RF output level for custom coverage capabilities!  Kit includes case, AC adapter, 1/8” Stereo to RCA patch cable, and whip antenna  Great for schools, health clubs, realtors… or your back yard!  The ideal campus or school radio station  Clear, concise instructions guide you step-by-step to a finished product that works FIRST time. Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Publication  Synthesized 88 to 108 MHz for no frequency drift!

FM25B  1

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