Floriminda Edar Reid


Something got stuck in her throat. It felt like her heart was being pressed so hard, she could not breathe. In a split second, the voice she just heard so deep, velvety, and beautiful, was so familiar. It was the voice she had been longing to hear for the past ten years. Her breathing might have stopped, but her heart said, “It is him!” The minute seemed like an eternity… Alana is an ordinary teenage girl with numerous insecurities and anxieties, some typical of a girl her age and some not. Self-conscious about her appearance, having one eye that is amber- colored and the other is violet, she has trouble socializing with her peers. To make matters more difficult, she experiences dreams and visions of a strange man who figures largely in her life, but whose face is hidden from her view. When Alana moves with her widowed mother back to her childhood home of Taraka, a beautiful town off the New Zealand coast, her life takes on a new and different meaning when she finally meets the mysterious stranger of her dreams. Christian is extremely talented with devastating secrets regarding himself and his family. Although the two have immediate feelings for each other, Christian is resistant to pursuing a relationship with Alana, much to her disappointment. When he opens up to her a Moonless Night Special Edition CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO


little, she discovers a magical world of enchanted sea creatures, fairies, and other otherworldly beings. She longs to enter Christian’s world, but there is a heavy price to pay if she does, and he is extremely reluctant to bring her into it completely. Alana discovers that not all of the supernatural beings are nonthreatening; malevolent forces intend to do Christian harm, causing his unwilling absence in Alana’s life. However, will his reappearance place Alana’s life in jeopardy, or will their love be able to survive the dangers in Moonless Night?


PAPER Clips | ISSUE NO. 42


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