SWEP Sustainability Report 2020

On our way … with more to come Carbon management journey

At SWEP, reducing our carbon emissions has been a priority many years, and we’re proud of our progress. Our total CO e (carbon dioxide equivalent) emissions have 2 continued to fall, this year by 12%. More significantly – especially in a year as unique as 2020 – we’ve also reduced the emissions per kilogram of heat exchanger that we manufacture. This demonstrates not only that we can cut total emissions across our global operation, but also that we are capable of carrying out our core activities in an increasingly efficient and sustainable way. Furthermore, the reduction in emissions over the past 12 months are part of an ongoing trend – we’ve reduced the carbon emissions per unit of production by more than a quarter over the past four years. We took a major step forward in our carbon journey in 2017, when we pledged to become a carbon neutral organization by 2030. As part of this quest we commissioned Carbon Footprint Ltd to develop a calculation methodology that could give us a complete picture of the volume and sources of emissions from our business activities. This input has given us the opportunity to make decisive changes, some of which are outlined opposite. Our goal – becoming a carbon neutral organization by 2030 – hasn’t changed, and 2020 has seen us take a further step towards achieving it. Our goal is, of course, to reach carbon neutrality by 2030. It is an ambitious target, and we are delighted that we are making progress!

Reduced emissions relating to freight

Reduction in business travel

Waste heat recovery

Year Total tCO e 2 % of CO e 2

2018 26,514.33

2019 23,526.55

2020 20,741.32

2016* 26,286.96

+1% 2.13

-11% 1.84

-12% 1.70


kgCO e per kg of heat 2 exchanger produced % CO per kg 2




Energy efficiency

* Measurements started in 2018 with 2016 as baseline. Thus no data for 2017.



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