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PETA Shuts Down a Cruel Household Name Curtain Falls on Ringling Circus

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T ogether we made it happen! It's finally over. As of May, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will stop touring and the circus will come to an end. No matter where Ringling showed up and despite whatever public relations nonsense it engaged in, PETA was there, targeting sponsors, capturing and releasing behind-the-scenes video footage, calling on federal and local authorities to take action, and distributing tens of thousands of leaflets to circusgoers. PETA's Ringling factsheet and website are filled with pages of documentation detailing the circus’s appalling history of cruelty. As people learned that it had whipped and beaten animals in order to coerce them into performing, attitudes began to change. PETA repeatedly filed complaints with federal authorities over violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act, and Ringling paid a record fine of more than a

quarter-million dollars. But perhaps what generated the most outrage against the cruel circus were the chilling photographs released by PETA showing baby elephants tied down by all four legs in violent training sessions. The public was horrified – and rightly so. As ticket sales continued to plummet and the campaign grew in scope and scale, Ringling at last acknowledged that its business model – like so many of the animals it had exploited – was dead. It pulled elephants off the road, but caring people knew that tigers, lions, and other animals were still suffering in fetid boxcars and tractor-trailers, so they didn’t let up. In January, Feld Entertainment, the parent company of Ringling, finally threw in the towel. PETA couldn’t have done this without every one of you who wrote a letter, picked up the phone to call a legislator, attended a protest, or spread the word on social media. Thank you! And now, onward!

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