PETA Global 2017 Issue 1

BE THECHANGE! Get out and get active! Local action leads to global change. See below for ways that you can really help and make a difference.

Joaquin Phoenix Won’t Wear Wool Visit to see an exclusive video of Phoenix’s interview, and check out BraveGentleMan. com for stylish vegan menswear.

PETA’s Mentor Program Help promote the program! Sign up if you need help going – and staying – vegan. And if you know of a company that would be willing to display PETA’s Vegan Mentor Program poster, please contact Keith Burgeson at

• B E T H E C H A N G E ! •

• B E T H E C H A N G E ! •

Can One Tweet Change the World? Visit to join PETA’s online action team, as well as to follow PETA on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Animal-Abusing Bullies Threaten PETA India Aid abused animals in India and elsewhere by never supporting "entertainment" using them, email Prime Minister Narendra Modi at

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• B E T H E C H A N G E ! •

• B E T H E C H A N G E ! •

to ask that jallikattu be banned again, and consider donating to PETA India at

Flex Your Muscles for Dogs Visit to urge Texas A&M University and the Alfort National Veterinary School to close their dog laboratories, stop breeding dogs with muscular dystrophy, release all dogs for adoption into good homes, and redirect their resources into humane research methods. Please also ask the French charity AFM-Téléthon and the US National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke to stop funding these cruel experiments and to support only modern, non-animal studies. • B E T H E C H A N G E ! •

peta2 Turns 15! Get the haps with peta2’s mobile app: • peta2’s mobile app is making it easier than ever to help animals while on the go. Download the free iPhone app from the App Store. • Connect with peta2 at and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Global Evolution Is Here Continue to avoid any circus or traveling show that uses animals. Support our work for elephants, bears, and other unwilling performers at

• B E T H E C H A N G E ! •

• B E T H E C H A N G E ! •


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