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Rudolf Barshai: The Path of a Violist and His Viola Arrangements by Elena Artamonova

p. 20 The Loeffler-Verlaine Connection by Ruben Balboa III Departments p. 32 D evelopment Corner: 2023 Giving Circle Members, DDRC p. 33 Development Corner: The Young Professional, by Tom Tatton p. 35 Chamber Music: AVS Newsletter, Sonatina 1979 p. 36 Health and Wellness: Personal Experience with Aphantasia, by Neesa Sunar, LMSW p. 41 With Viola in Hand: AVS Newsletter, Anonymous Sonata 1981 p. 44 Modern Music: Early Music Influences in György Ligeti’s Sonata, Rose Wollman p. 50 Recording Reviews: “Loop: Ligeti’s Inspiration & Legacy,” by Christina Ebersohl p. 51 Retrospective: AVS Newsletter, Interim Report 1978

On the Cover: The Founders after 'The Viola Music of Richard Lane'. Photo L-R: Richard Lane, Baird Knechtel, Myron Rosenblum, Hans-Karl Piltz

RICHARD LANE (1933-2004), Composer; works performed at Provo (1979), Ann Arbor (1987), and Ithaca (1991), including premiere of Aria and Allegro . Other titles involving viola include Eight Viola Duos (dedicated to Emanuel Vardi and Lenore Weinstock); Five Duos for Flute and Viola; 2 Trios for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano; three Sonatas for Viola and Piano, Quartet for Violas, Triptych for Six Violas; Canzona for Violin, Viola, and Piano. BAIRD KNECHTEL (1937-2020), Canadian Violist, Administrator, Head of Music Department/School of Music at Emery Collegiate; FOUNDER, FIRST PRESIDENT of Canadian Viola Society; recipient of IVS Silver Clef (1996) and Lifetime Achievement Award by Canadian Viola Society (2009); violist with Trio Bravo. MYRON ROSENBLUM (b.1933), American violist and viola d’amore artist; Founding Member of the Viola Forschungs-Gesellschaft , predecessor to the International Viola Society; FOUNDER, FIRST PRESIDENT, and NEWSLETTER EDITOR of Viola Research Society, later known as American Viola Society; also instrumental in founding the Viola d’amore Society of America. Recipient of the first IVS Silver Clef, 1981. Published Viola Power in Allegro Magazine (1972), first nationally circulated mention of an international viola organization. IVC XXIII in Bloomington, Indiana (1995) was dedicated to him. HANS-KARL PILTZ (1924-2020), German-Canadian violinist, violist and avid viola d’amore artist. Studied viola with Milton Preves. Principal violist with Arkansas and Atlanta Symphony Orchestras. Moved to Vancouver to join University of British Columbia in 1959; performed with Vancouver Symphony, West Coast Symphony, Pacific Baroque Orchestra and CBC. Founded Early Music Vancouver, founder and first conductor of UBC Symphony. Very adept at making viola arrangements of Renaissance and Baroque music. Long and very distinguished musical career, attended numerous international viola congresses. Photo by Dwight Pounds.

Journal of the American Viola Society / Vol. 39, Summer 2023 Online Issue


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