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Recording Reviews Loop: Ligeti’s Inspiration & Legacy Review by Christina Ebersohl

sounds. Baroque material on the album is drawn from Bach, Biber, Corelli, Gabrielli, Tartini and Telemann and is compelled by Wollman with rich and ringing bell tones, contrasted with the soft brush strokes of a painter; the Contemporary composers include Atar Arad, Garth Knox, Alexander Mansour, Melia Watras, and Wollman herself. The album begins with the imposing “Prelude” from Bach’s Cello Suite no.5, performed with majesty and command. Wollman then seamlessly flows into the first movement of Ligeti’s Sonata, “Hora lunga,” a folk tune meditation completely on the instrument’s C string, replacing the fugue that typically succeeds the “Prelude” of Cellos Suite no.5. She maneuvers with poise despite the virtuosity, her instrument singing sweetly as if the skill is the most natural in the world. Garth Knox’s Ritorno captures the end thread of “Hora lunga” and returns the listener to the open C string, bringing the first section to a full circle. The artistic prowess Wollman showcases—not only in connecting programming that spans several centuries, but in doing so with finesse and the beautiful juxtaposition of tender sweetness and powerful clarity in performance—is truly a celebration of Györgi Ligeti’s centennial. Along with her written guide through the program, Loop is an elegant and innovative performance sure to invigorate all viola enthusiasts.

Acis APL30100 (acisproductions.com) Rose Wollman, viola

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Györgi Ligeti, violist Rose Wollman reimagines Ligeti’s Sonata for Viola Solo (1991-94) in a uniquely innovative and enticing way: staggering the Sonata’s performance by encircling each of its six movements between a Baroque piece and a newly commissioned work, Wollman creates a fantastical journey through the harmonic world that might otherwise be missed—both past and the present. This album, though clearly centered around Ligeti’s Sonata for Viola Solo , manages to paint a vivid and breathtaking portrait of folk tunes, historical tradition, modern intelligence, and deep expressivity that is sure to captivate all. Loop encompasses a vast world of moods, textures, and folk influences, unified by Wollman’s compelling and rich sound—dancing between luscious violistic sound and light and airy effortlessness. Her technical virtuosity flashes to life across the album like strikes of lightning as her fingers coax out the most alluring


Journal of the American Viola Society / Vol. 39, Summer 2023 Online Issue

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