U Magazine, Winter 1987


Dear readers: In what direction is USD headed during the next 10 years? How does the University's mission fare against national criticism of higher education in general ? Is USD losing the liberal arts emphasis which it has stressed since its founding? You'll find the answers to those questions - as provided by President Author E . Hughes in a story beginning on page seven - reassuring. The emphasis during the next decade will be on quality rather than unchecked growth. The University will continue to provide a values-based education while emphasizing attention to the needs of the individual student. Improving the techniques and methods used to accomplish those emphases will be the top priority. USD will never lessen the importance it places on a strong liberal arts curriculum for all students - regardless of major, according to Dr. Hughes. "Learning something of the history of mankind , something of the way we think, something of critical analysis before you involve yourself in a specific career program is a very significant part of undergraduate intellectual formation ." he says. Teaching will remain the first priority of faculty. USD tells professors that when they are hired. So research will never become the prime concern of faculty, as has occurred at many universities across the country, a phenomenon greatly criticized in a recent Carnegie Foundation report. This is not to suggest that the road ahead for USD is paved with gold. Fiscal, enrollment and curricula chal– lenges loom on the horizon . You'll become aware ofsome of

the specific tensions as seen through the president's eyes as you read the interview. But on the whole, the future looks positive for Alcala Park. Part of the reason for that optimistic viewpoint is you. Few universities in the country can boast of the unwavering loyalty from alumni , friends and parents that USD enjoys. The picture for the future would be much darker without that kind of enthusiasm. All ofus at the University appreciate the support. Keep up the good work. On a sadder note, the University recently lost one of its most ardent and enthusiastic supporters. Kathleen Stehly, mother of five USD graduates, died after a short illness on November 29. The University played a large part in Mrs. Stehly's life. A past president of the USD Parents Association along with her husband , Jerome , she always found time in a busy home life to lend a hand to a University project. Her warmth, interest in and concern for young people, and enthusiasm for life epitomized the kind of life philosophy that the USD family seeks to promote among all of its members. We shall miss Kathleen Stehly. But we shall also treasure her legacy.

John Sutherland Editor

On the cover: USD President Author E . Hughes is planning a bold future for the University. He shares his thoughts beginning on page 7. Cover photo by Pablo Mason.


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