Biophysical Society 59th Annual Meeting Program Guide

2052-P os B oard B189 REAL-TIME IMAGING REVEALS THAT HIV-1 VPR DISSOCIATES FROM THE CORE AND ACCUMULATES IN THE NUCLEUS AFTER VIRAL FUSION. Tanay M. Desai , Mariana Marin, Gregory B. Melikyan 2053-P os B oard B190 DELIVERY OF LIPOSOMAL CONTENTS TO OUTER MEMBRANE VESICLES FROM GRAM NEGATIVE BACTERIA. Michael Ficurilli, Carol Liu, Christopher Riviello, Maria Jose Pozo, Paul R. Meers 2054-P os B oard B191 FUSION FORE DILATION BY SNARE PROTEINS. Zhenyong Wu , Oscar Daniel Bello, Sarah Marie Auclair, Wensi Vennekate, Shyam Sundar Krishnakumar, Erdem Karatekin 2055-P os B oard B192 CONTROL OF FUSION PORE NUCLEATION AND DYNAMICS BY SNARE PROTEIN TRANSMEMBRANE DOMAINS. Zhenyong Wu, Sarah M. Auclair, Oscar D. Bello, Wensi Vennekate, Shyam Krishnakumar, Erdem Karatekin 2056-P os B oard B193 SNARE MEDIATED FUSION WITH MEMBRANE TENSION CONTROL. Joerg Nikolaus , Erdem Karatekin 2057-P os B oard B194 COLLECTIVE ACTION OF SNAREPINS EXERTS FORCES BETWEEN MEMBRANES THAT ACTIVATE FUSION. Hakhamanesh Mostafavi , Ben Stratton, Jason M. Warner, Erdem Karatekin, Ben O’Shaughnessy 2058-P os B oard B195 CHOLESTEROL MODULATES SNARE MEDIATED HEMI- AND FULL-FUSION. Alex J. B. Kreutzberger , Volker Kiessling, Lukas K. Tamm 2059-P os B oard B196 CHASING THE FUNCTIONAL ASYMMETRY BETWEEN C2A AND C2B IN FULL-LENGTH SYNAPTOTAGMIN 1 DURING CA 2+ -DEPENDENT MEMBRANE BINDING. Volker Kiessling , Bin Lu, Lukas K. Tamm, David S. Cafiso 2060-P os B oard B197 MECHANICAL MODEL FOR SELF-ASSEMBLY OF SYNAPTOTAGMIN ON A LIPID MEMBRANE. Jie Zhu , James E. Rothman 2061-P os B oard B198 SINGLE VESICLE ASSAY TO STUDY MEMBRANE TETHERING AND DOCKING FACTORS. Jiajie Diao 2062-P os B oard B199 DEFICIENCY OF HID-1 LEADS TO IMPAIRED PROINSULIN PROCESSING. Wen Du , Tao Xu Membrane Structure II (Boards B200-B223) 2063-P os B oard B200 ROLE OF HEADGROUP DIPOLE INTERACTIONS IN PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE AND PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE BILAYERS. Hongcheng Xu , Sai Ganesan, Silvina Matysiak 2064-P os B oard B201 DOMAIN FORMATION IN QUARTERNARY LIPID BILAYER SYSTEM: A COARSE-GRAINED MOLECULAR DYNAMICS STUDY. Shushan He , Lutz Maibaum

2065-P os B oard B202 INVESTIGATING LIPID PHASE CHANGES FROM LIQUID CRYSTALLINE TO RIPPLE TO GEL PHASES WITH ALL-ATOM MOLECULAR DYNAMICS SIMULATIONS. Pouyan Khakbaz , Jeffery Klauda 2066-P os B oard B203 MOLECULAR DYNAMICS SIMULATIONS OF SPHINGOMYELIN- CHOLESTEROL BILAYERS. Hojin Kang , Jeffery B. Klauda 2067-P os B oard B204 INFLUENCE OF CHOLESTEROL ON PHOSPHOLIPID BILAYER DYNAMICS. Christopher T. Boughter , Jeffery B. Klauda 2068-P os B oard B205 MICROSCOPIC MODEL AND ANALYTIC DERIVATION OF AREA PER MOLECULE FOR DPPC-CHOLESTEROL BILAYERS. Boris B. Kheyfets, Sergei I. Mukhin 2069-P os B oard B206 SIMULATION STUDY OF COMPOSITION FLUCTUATIONS IN LIPID BILAYERS. Svetlana Baoukina , Dmitri Rozmanov, D. Peter Tieleman 2070-P os B oard B207 FATTY ACID INTERACTIONS WITH RNA BUILDING BLOCKS: ORIGIN OF LIFE IMPLICATIONS. Parisa Akhshi , Peter Tieleman 2071-P os B oard B208 OPEN COLLABORATION THAT USES NMR DATA TO JUDGE THE CORRECTNESS OF PHOSPHOLIPID GLYCEROL AND HEAD GROUP STRUCTURES IN MOLECULAR DYNAMICS SIMULATIONS. Patrick F. J. Fuchs, Matti Javanainen, Antti Lamberg, Markus S. Miettinen , Luca Monticelli, Jukka Määttä, O. H. Samuli Ollila, Marius Retegan, Hubert Santuz 2072-P os B oard B209 SOLID-STATE 2H NMR INVESTIGATION OF TRANSDUCIN ACTIVATION BY RHODOPSIN. Xiaolin Xu , Andrey V. Struts, Aswini Kumar Giri, Trivikram R. Molugu, Charitha Guruge, Samira Faylough, Carolina L. Nascimento, Nasri Nesnas, Victor J. Hruby, Michael F. Brown 2073-P os B oard B210 N-3 PUFA-CONTAINING PHOSPHOLIPIDS STUDIED BY MD SIMULATIONS: A COMPARISON OF EPA, DPA AND DHA. Xiaoling Leng , Jacob J. Kinnun, Saame Shaikh, Stephen Wassall, B oard B211 DHA DISORDERS RAFT-LIKE DOMAINS AS REVEALED BY SOLID STATE 2H NMR. Jacob J. Kinnun , Justin A. Williams, William Stillwell, Robert Bittman, Saame R. Shaikh, Stephen R. Wassall 2075-P os B oard B212 DISORDERLY POLYUNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS AND ORDERLY CHOLESTEROL: JUST HOW DO THEY GET ALONG IN A MEMBRANE? Denise V. Greathouse, Jacob J. Kinnun, Justin A. Williams, Drew Marquardt, Jeffrey B. Klauda, Roger E. Koeppe II, John Katsaras, Thad A. Harroun, Stephen R. Wassall 2076-P os B oard B213 minority affairs travel awardee AN INVESTIGATION OF WHETHER VITAMIN E PREFERENTIALLY INTERACTS WITH POLYUNSATURATED LIPIDS. Andres T. Cavazos , Jacob J. Kinnun, Justin A. Williams, Bruce D. Ray, Morris Bank, Paul E. Harper, Jeffrey Atkinson, Horia I. Petrache, Stephen R. Wassall Scott Feller 2074-P os





Biophysical Society 59 th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland

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