Biophysical Society 59th Annual Meeting Program Guide

2100-P os

B oard B237

2111-P os B oard B248 PROPERTIES OF ATRIAL MYOCYTE CALCIUM HANDLING IN CANINE MODEL OF CHRONIC HEART FAILURE. Andriy Belevych , Hsiang-Ting Ho, Qing Lou, Lucia Brunello, Ingrid Bonilla, Karsten Schober, Kent Mowrey, Raul Weiss, Cynthia A. Carnes, Sandor Gyorke 2112-P os B oard B249 EFFECT OF HYPERTROPHIC CALCIUM SIGNALS AND ALTERED EXCITATION-CONTRACTION COUPLING ON THE CALCINEURIN-NFAT PATHWAY. Joseph L. Greenstein , Tejas Mehta, Raimond L. Winslow 2113-P os B oard B250 EC COUPLING FOR MUSCLE AFICIONADOS: ABNORMAL CONTRACTION AND DISRUPTED EXCITABILITY IN SOME ENZYMATICALLY DISSOCIATED SKELETAL MUSCLE FIBERS. Camilo Vanegas , Martin F. Schneider, Erick O. Hernández- Ochoa 2114-P os B oard B251 EXCITATION-CONTRACTION COUPLING IN HUMAN EXTRAOCULAR MUSCLES:THERE IS MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. Marijana Sekulic-Jablanovic, Anja Palmowski-Wolfe, Francesco Zorzato, Susan Treves 2115-P os B oard B252 THE CALCIUM-ACTIVATED CHLORIDE CHANNEL IN ZEBRAFISH SKELETAL MUSCLE IS ACTIVATED DURING EXCITATION-CONTRACTION COUPLING. Shu Fun Josephine Ng , Anamika Dayal, Manfred Grabner Muscle Regulation (Boards B253-B270) 2116-P os B oard B253 PROTEINS IN STRIATED MUSCLES THAT TRANSCRIBED FROM THE CONTIGUOUS REGION OF CONNECTIN GENE. Akira Hanashima , Naruki Sato, Sumiko Kimura, Takashi Sakurai, Takashi Murayama 2117-P os B oard B254 SKELETAL MYOSIN BINDING PROTEIN-C ISOFORMS MODULATE ACTOMYOSIN CONTRACTILITY AND ARE REGULATED BY PHOSPHORYLATION. Amy Li , Samantha Beck Previs, Michael Previs, Brian Lin, Cristobal dos Remedios, Roger Craig, Sakthivel Sadayappan, David Warshaw 2118-P os B oard B255 IN VITRO RECONSTITUTION OF SKELETAL MUSCLE CONTRACTION USING NATIVE THIN FILAMENTS. Augustine Cleetus, Khushboo Rastogi, Ravikrishnan Elangovan 2119-P os B oard B256 DIRECT TROPONIN-MYOSIN INTERACTION ENHANCES ATPASE ACTIVITY OF CARDIAC HMM. Nazanin Bohlooli Ghashghaee , King-Lun Li, Wen-Ji Dong 2120-P os B oard B257 THE REGULATION OF ACTOMYOSIN ATPASE IN CARDIAC MUSCLE BY THE N-TERMINAL EXTENSION OF CARDIAC TROPONIN T. Laura Gunther , Hanzhong Feng, Hongguang Wei, Justin Raupp, Jian-Ping Jin, Takeshi Sakamoto 2121-P os B oard B258 PSEUDO-ACETYLATION OF ACTIN RESIDUES K326 AND K328 DISRUPTS DROSOPHILA FLIGHT PERFORMANCE AND MUSCLE STRUCTURE. William M. Schmidt , Meera Cozhimuttam Viswanathan, Anna C. Blice-Baum, D. Brian Foster, Anthony Cammarato

international travel awardee CHELIDONINE INTERFERES WITH IL-6R/STAT3 SIGNALING IN UVEAL MELANOMA CELLS. Istvan Csomos , Eniko Nizsaloczki, Gabriella Nagy, Laszlo Matyus, Andrea Bodnar 2101-P os B oard B238 THE SITE OF ARACHIDONIC ACID RELEASE DRIVES CALCIUM DYNAMICS IN β -CELLS. Dmytro A. Yushchenko , André Nadler, Rainer Mueller, Frank Stein, Gurleen Khandpur, Suihan Feng, Carsten Schultz 2102-P os B oard B239 MULTI-SCALE LINKAGES BETWEEN SINGLE-MOLECULE INTEGRIN DYNAMICS AND CELL PROTRUSION. Khuloud Jaqaman , James A. Galbraith, Michael Davidson, Gaudenz Danuser, Catherine G. Galbraith 2103-P os B oard B240 WEAK ERGODICITY BREAKING OF MEMBRANE RECEPTOR MOTION STEMMING FROM RANDOM DIFFUSIVITY. Carlo Manzo , Juan A. Torreno-Pina, Pietro Massignan, Gerald J. Lapeyre Jr., Maciej Lewenstein, Maria F. Garcia-Parajo 2104-P os B oard B241 RESTRICTED MOBILITY OF TONB AND FEPA IN E. COLI MEMBRANES. Yoriko Lill, Lorne D. Jordan, Chuck R. Smallwood, Salete M. Newton, Phillip E. Klebba, Ken Ritchie 2105-P os B oard B242 CRYO-ELECTRON TOMOGRAPHY AND COMPUTER SIMULATIONS REVEAL DISTINCT CHEA KINASE CONFORMATION IN BACTERIAL CHEMOTAXIS SIGNALING RECEPTOR COMPLEX. Benjamin A. Himes , C. Keith Cassidy, Jun Ma, Frances Joan D. Alvarez, Juan R. Perilla, Gongpu Zhao, Klaus Schulten, Peijun Zhang 2106-P os B oard B243 TRACKING CEACAM1 INTERACTIONS AND DYNAMICS WITH HOMO-FRET AND IMAGE CORRELATION TECHNIQUES. Amy M. Won , Scott D. Gray-Owen, Christopher M. Yip 2107-P os B oard B244 MATERNAL THYROID HORMONES DEFICIENCY DURING GESTATION. Maria Cecilia Opazo , Luis Venegas, Pablo Cisternas, Eduardo Albornoz, Enzo Seguel, Susan Bueno, Alexis Kalergis, Claudia Riedel 2108-P os B oard B245 P2X4 FORMS ATP-ACTIVATED CHANNELS ON LYSOSOMAL MEMBRANES REGULATED BY LUMINAL PH AND SLC17A9 PROTEINS. Xianping Dong Excitation-Contraction Coupling II (Boards B246-B252) 2109-P os B oard B246 IDENTIFICATION OF MAJOR FKBP12 BINDING DETERMINANTS IN RYR1. Razvan L. Cornea, Filip Van Petegem, James D. Fessenden 2110-P os B oard B247 GENETIC DELETION OF FKBP12.6 ACCELERATES CARDIAC AGING IN MICE. Guangju Ji MOLECULAR MECHANISM ASSOCIATED TO THE OFFSPRING`S COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT DUE TO





Biophysical Society 59 th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland

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