Biophysical Society 59th Annual Meeting Program Guide

2494-P lat 9:00 am CHROMATIN ASSOCIATION WITH THE NUCLEAR ENVELOPE SUPPORTS STABLE NUCLEAR MECHANICS. Sarah M. Schreiner , Peter K. Koo, Yao Zhao, Simon G. J. Mochrie, Megan C. King 2495-P lat 9:15 am THREE-DIMENSIONAL BALANCE OF CORTICAL TENSION AND AXIAL CONTRACTILITY ENABLES FAST AMOEBOID MIGRATION. Begona Alvarez-Gonzalez , Ruedi Meili, Effie Bastounis, Richard A. Firtel, Juan C. Lasheras, Juan C. del Alamo 2496-P lat 9:30 am MEASURING MECHANICAL FORCE DURING ZEBRAFISH DEVELOPMENT USING AN EXPRESSIBLE TENSION SENSOR. Andrea Hamilton , Victoria Wu, Alex Dunn, Ingmar Riedel-Kruse 2497-P lat 9:45 am TWO DISTINCT REGIMES OF INTEGRIN MOLECULAR FORCES. Xuefeng Wang , Taekjip Ha 2498-P lat 10:00 am DYNAMIC TRACTION FORCES OF HUMAN NEUTROPHIL ADHESION. Steven J. Henry , Christopher S. Chen, John C. Crocker, Daniel A. Hammer 8:15 am –10:15 am , R oom 309/310 Platform Intrinsically Disordered Proteins (IDP) and Aggregates Co-Chairs Alexandra Klinger, University of Pennsylvania Mark Brown, Yale University 2499-P lat 8:15 am SEQUENCE SPECIFIC RADIOLYTIC FOOTPRINTING STUDY OF MONOMER, OLIGOMERIC AND FIBRILLAR AMYLOID BETA (1-42). Alexandra L. Klinger , Janna Kiselar, Anant Paravastu, Terrone Rosenberry 2500-P lat 8:30 am NOVEL METHODOLOGIES FOR THE COMPUTATIONAL STUDY OF PROTEIN AGGREGATION. David Shorthouse , Thomas Gallagher, Mark Sansom 2501-P lat 8:45 am MULTISCALE SIMULATIONS PROVIDE MECHANISTIC INSIGHTS INTO THE EFFECTS OF SEQUENCE CONTEXTS ON EARLY-STAGE POLYGLUTAMINE-MEDIATED AGGREGATION. Kiersten M. Ruff , Rohit V. Pappu 2502-P lat 9:00 am NEW INSIGHT INTO AMYLOID- β FIBRIL GROWTH AND ITS INHIBITION: KINETIC NETWORK ANALYSIS OF MULTI-SCALE MOLECULAR DYNAMICS SIMULATIONS. Wei Han , Klaus Schulten 2503-P lat 9:15 am A ROLE FOR UNSTRUCTURED RESIDUES IN THE INDUCTION OF MEMBRANE PORATION BY PRE-AMYLOID ASSEMBLIES OF ISLET AMYLOID POLYPEPTIDE. Mark A. Brown , Elizabeth Rhoades, Andrew D. Miranker 2504-P lat 9:30 am KEEPING IT DISORDERED: A NEW MECHANISM OF PROTEIN QUALITY CONTROL? Priya R. Banerjee , Ashok Deniz

2484-P lat 8:30 am FROM CHARGE STATE TO ISOSURFACES TO SPECTRA: UNRAVELING THE MYSTERY OF LYS-TRP DIPEPTIDE FLUORESCENCE. Azaria Eisenberg , Laura Juszczak 2485-P lat 8:45 am REAL-TIME QUANTIFICATION OF TIME-GATED AUTOFLUORESCENCE SPECTRUM SHAPE TO TRACK MITOCHONDRIAL METABOLISM. Paul Urayama , Jeff Maltas, Zac Long, Arthur Oliva, Jeff Folz, Lana Amer, Dylan Palo 2486-P lat 9:00 am NANOSCALE INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY OF BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS. Eoghan Dillon , Mike Lo, Kevin Kjoller, Qichi Hu, Roshan Shetty 2487-P lat 9:15 am FLAVONOLS AS LUMINESCENT PROBES OF WATER ACTIVITY IN FOODS AND PHARMACEUTICALS. Siyu (Suzie) Wang, An N. Le, Maria G. Corradini, Richard D. Ludescher 2488-P lat 9:30 am SENSITIVE DETECTION OF NAD + /NADP + VIA STRONG COUPLING FLUORESCENCE FROM SILVER NANOCLUSTERS. Yufeng Yuan, Yan Chen, Kehan Huang, Haifeng Pan, Sanjun Zhang, 9:45 am NON-DESTRUCTIVE LABEL-FREE MONITORING OF DRUG INTAKE IN LIVE CELLS USING ATR FT-IR SPECTROSCOPY. Pedro L. Fale , K. L. Andrew Chan 2490-P lat 10:00 am PHOTOBLEACHING CORRECTION IN FLUORESCENCE CORRELATION SPECTROSCOPY. Rudra P. Kafle , Molly R. Liebeskind, Jens-Christian Meiners 8:15 am –10:15 am , R oom 307/308 Platform Cell Mechanics, Mechanosensing, and Motility II Co-Chairs Begona Alvarez-Gonzalez, University of California, San Diego Christian Franck, Brown University 2491-P lat 8:15 am HIGH RESOLUTION, LARGE DEFORMATION 3D TRACTION FORCE MICROSCOPY. Jennet Toyjanova, Eyal Bar-Kochba, Cristina Lopez-Fagundo, Jonathan Reichner, Diane Hoffman-Kim, Christian Franck 2492-P lat 8:30 am CORRELATIVE TRACTION FORCE MICROSCOPY AND FLUORESCENCE FLUCTUATION ANALYSIS OF MOLECULAR AGGREGATION AND COMPLEX FORMATION IN CELL ADHESIONS IN DISTINCT MICROENVIRONMENTS. Alexia I. Bachir , Jessica Zareno, Kristopher E. Kubow, Sangyoon Han, Kostadinos Moissoglu, Gaudenz Danuser, Enrico Gratton, Edward Plow, Alan R. Horwitz 2493-P lat 8:45 am TRACKING ROTATION DURING LEUKOCYTE ROLLING REVEALS ASYMMETRIC ADHESION PROPERTIES. Isaac T.S. Li , Taekjip Ha, Yann R. Chemla Jianhua Xu 2489-P lat


Biophysical Society 59 th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland

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