Biophysical Society 59th Annual Meeting Program Guide

1443-P os B oard B394 CAN ACTIVATION AND DESENSITIZATION PROPERTIES OF IGLURS BE PREDICTED AND UNDERSTOOD BY STUDYING THE LBD DIMER DYNAMICS? Maria Musgaard , Bryan Daniels, George B. Dawe, Mark Aurousseau, Derek Bowie, Philip C. Biggin 1444-P os B oard B395 FREE ENERGY LANDSCAPES FOR A KAINATE RECEPTOR LIGAND-BINDING DOMAIN. Tyler J. Wied , Albert Y. Lau 1445-P os B oard B396 FUNCTIONAL COUPLING BETWEEN THE FINGER AND THUMB DOMAINS OF ASIC1A. Aram J. Krauson , Marcelo D. Carattino 1446-P os B oard B397 GATING MECHANISM AND MOVEMENTS IN ACID SENSING ION CHANNEL 1A. Swarna S. Ramaswamy , David MacLean, Hugo Sanabria, Vasanthi Jayaraman 1447-P os B oard B398 CONTROLLED ACTIVATION OF HETEROMERIC P2X RECEPTORS BY ATP AND MAGNESIUM. Emily Harnish 1448-P os B oard B399 QUANTITATIVE MEASURE OF CA 2+ CURRENT AND PERMEABILITY IN ATP-GATED P2X7 RECEPTORS. Xin Liang , Damien S.K. Samways, Terrance M. Egan 1449-P os B oard B400 ION ACCUMULATION AND DEPLETION IN PATCH CLAMP EXPERIMENTS. Gilman E. S. Toombes , Mufeng Li, Shai D. Silberberg, Kenton J. Swartz 1450-P os B oard B401 education travel awardee HEXADECANOL REVERSES ETHANOL INDUCED TADPOLE ANESTHESIA AND RAISES CRITICAL TEMPERATURES IN ISOLATED PLASMA MEMBRANE VESICLES. Ellyn J. Gray , Ann L. Miller, Benjamin B. Machta, Sarah L. Veatch 1451-P os B oard B402 IL-4 TYPE 1 RECEPTOR SIGNALING UP-REGULATES KCNN4 EXPRESSION, AND INCREASES THE K CA 3.1 CURRENT AND ITS CONTRIBUTION TO MIGRATION OF ALTERNATIVE- ACTIVATED MICROGLIA. Lyanne Schlichter, Roger Ferreira , Starlee Lively 1452-P os B oard B403 EQUILIBRIUM ION SELECTIVITY OF HUMAN TPC2 STUDIED USING A PLASMA MEMBRANE-TARGETED HUMAN TPC2 AND SPERMINE BLOCK. Andy K. M. Lam , Antony Galione 1453-P os B oard B404 MECHANISMS OF ACTIVATION OF SLO2.1 CHANNELS BY INTRACELLULAR NA + . Steven J. Thomson , Michael C. Sanguinetti 1454-P os B oard B405 ELECTROPHYSIOLOGICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF TMEM16A. Andrea Bruggemann , Markus Rapedius, Tom Götze, Claudia Haarmann, Ilka Rinke, Marius Vogel, Timo Stengel, Johannes Stiehler, Michael George, Niels Fertig, Torsten Ertongur-Fauth 1455-P os B oard B406 PHOTODYNAMIC MODIFICATION OF SEA URCHIN SPHCN CHANNEL. Vinay Kumar Idikuda , Weihua Gao, Zhuocheng (Justin) Su, Lei Zhou

1430-P os B oard B381 INVESTIGATIONS OF THE STRUCTURAL MECHANISM OF MODULATION OF THE NMDA RECEPTOR. Rita E. Sirrieh , David M. MacLean, Vasanthi Jayaraman 1431-P os B oard B382 EFFECTS OF EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL CA 2+ ON UNITARY NMDA RECEPTOR PROPERTIES. Gary J. Iacobucci , Bruce A. Maki, Gabriela K. Popescu 1432-P os B oard B383 NMDA RECEPTOR SMFRET STUDIES REVEAL ROLE OF DYNAMICS OF THE AGONIST-BINDING DOMAIN IN MEDIATING AGONIST EFFICACY. Drew M. Dolino , David R. Cooper, Swarna S. Ramaswamy, Henriette Jaurich, Christy F. Landes, Vasanthi Jayaraman 1433-P os B oard B384 REDUCED CURVATURE OF LIGAND-BINDING DOMAIN FREE ENERGY SURFACE UNDERLIES PARTIAL AGONISM AT NMDA RECEPTORS. Jian Dai , Huan-Xiang Zhou 1434-P os B oard B385 MEASUREMENT OF NR1/NR2B NMDA RECEPTOR CURRENTS ON A MICROFLUIDIC BENCHTOP AUTOMATED ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY PLATFORM. Jeffrey Webber, Craig McKay, James Costantin , Peter Miu 1435-P os B oard B386 THE STRUCTURAL BASIS OF NEGATIVE COOPERATIVITY BETWEEN SUBUNITS OF THE NMDA RECEPTOR. David M. MacLean , Vasanthi Jayaraman 1436-P os B oard B387 SIMULATED CLOSING OF THE NMDA LIGAND-BINDING DOMAIN. Timothy S. Carpenter , Felice C. Lightstone 1437-P os B oard B388 EFFECT OF PHOSPHORYLATION ON STRUCTURE OF C-TERMINAL SEGMENT OF AMPA RECEPTOR. Caitlin E. Nurik , David R. Cooper, Swarna S. Ramaswamy, Vasanthi Jayaraman 1438-P os B oard B389 CHARACTERIZATION OF A “HOTSPOT” IN THE AMPA RECEPTOR ACTIVATION PATHWAY. George B. Dawe , Maria Musgaard, Mark R. Aurousseau, Philip C. Biggin, Derek Bowie 1439-P os B oard B390 DYNAMICS OF THE CYTOPLASMIC REGION OF AN AMPA- SUBTYPE GLUTAMATE RECEPTOR REVEALED BY STATE DEPENDENT FRET. Ljudmila Katchan , Linda G. Zachariassen, Anders S. Kristensen, Andrew J R Plested 1440-P os B oard B391 PARTIAL AGONIST BINDING REVEALS A UNIQUE ARRANGEMENT OF AMPA LBDS. Hector P. Salazar Garcia , Clarissa Ebli, Miriam Chebli, Andrew Plested 1441-P os B oard B392 STRUCTURAL MECHANISM OF GLUTAMATE RECEPTOR ACTIVATION AND DESENSITIZATION. Joel R. Meyerson , Janesh Kumar, Sagar Chittori, Prashant Rao, Jason Pierson, Alberto Bartesaghi, Mark L. Mayer, Sriram Subramaniam 1442-P os B oard B393 LONG TIMESCALE SIMULATIONS OF LIGAND BINDING IN GLUTAMATE RECEPTORS. Alvin Yu , Albert Lau


Biophysical Society 59 th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland

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