2017 Technical Report July-August

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refrigerating engineers & technicians association | july/august 2017

The Human Trinity of Business: Employer — Employee — Public

by David A. Brown. Current revision edited by Chris Carter, Vern Sanderson and the RETA Publications

The following is a timeless treatise originally presented to The Middle States Ice Producers’ Exchange at the Hotel Statler, Detroit, Mich., on December 10, 1915. Subsequently, it was published to the nation on January 1, 1916 in the Nickerson and Collins Company publication Ice and Refrigeration Illustrated. The original author, David Brown served as the president of “Middle States Ice Producers’ Exchange”. David was known as a businessman second and a member of the human race first. He had revolutionary ideas about the partnership of the business person, the employee, and the public. Many of which are even more poignant today than in David’s time.

This revision has attempted to update the language to the current audience, remove some gender specific language (common at the time of its publishing), and content has been changed in several locations. Those seeking to read the unedited version of this article are encouraged to seek out the original publication.

business as a living, breathing, human thing. Time when the expression, “Business is Business” and “Cold-Blooded Business,” were accepted as being quite descriptive. Employee and employer were constantly on the verge of an explosion, while the public stood on the outside, an innocent sufferer (bystander). hours, and sometimes more was considered a fair day’s work. ” “ The fewest dollars for the longest hours — that seemed to be the slogan. From early until late — twelve, fourteen, sixteen

Additional information pertaining to David Brown is available in the January/

February 2015 issue of the RETA Breeze accessible in the members section of the RETA website www.reta.com. It is only within the past decade (1905-1910) or two that people have begun to think of

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