USD Magazine Spring 2013


USD Women’s Rowing Coach Kim Cupini ’03 says coxswain Caite Soper is her “coach in the boat.”

by Mike Sauer STEADY AS SHE GOES [ l i n c h p i n ] goal of this particular sporting endeavor is to have eight wom- en row in perfect synchroniza- tion as fast as they possibly can toward a finish line they can’t see, the suggestion might have at least a small amount of merit to it. S cast the longest shadow on the 2012–13 women’s rowing squad (she’s about six inches shorter than her varsity team- mates’ median height), but she’s living proof that good Coxswain Caite Soper prides herself on keeping an even keel trange though it may seem, a legitimate argu- ment can be made that

to the team’s impressive recent accomplishments. “Caite’s my coach in the boat, pure and simple,” says the four- time West Coast Conference (WCC) coach of the year. As one of the most accomplished female rowers in USD history, Cupini knows what a critical role the coxswain (pronounced COX- en) plays in the team’s success.

the most valuable member of the University of San Diego’s Women’s Varsity-8 Rowing team never has to put an oar in the water. Counterintuitive? Perhaps, but when you consider that the

things come in diminutive pack- ages. Just ask Women’s Rowing Head Coach Kim Cupini ’03, who sees Soper’s contributions as an invaluable component

And speaking of small — at 5 feet 3 inches, USD coxswain Caite Soper ’13 certainly doesn’t




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