Besnard Insurance - Mergers


What made you cons ider par tner i ng wi th Besnard? Adam and his team were very honest and responsive from our initial conversation to the closing. I never felt pressured during the process. What made the biggest impact on you dur i ng the t rans i t ion process? Besnard Insurance made my people a priority during the transition. My people are my “secret sauce” and I consider them family. Seeing Besnard Insurance focus on them as much as me during the transition put me at ease. What did you l i ke best about work i ng wi th Besnard? My favorite part of partnering with Besnard Insurance was the flexibility it afforded me and my agency. I was able keep my company name, where I remained the “face” of

my agency and aligned on an employment timeline that worked for me.

Did you have any mergers/ acqu i s i t ions exper i ence pr ior to th i s dea l ? I was brand new to the process and had a million questions. The Besnard Insurance team was always there to answer questions, but they took it an extra step, explaining the answers and giving me the heads up of what to look for and potential concerns that should be addressed with my attorney or CPA.

What was the negot i at ion process l i ke?

I knew it was a negotiation, but I never felt like it was me versus them. Trust is more important than anything during the process. Ultimately, I trusted Adam and his team, and this was what provided me comfort to move forward.


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