Phenix Research Products Cryo Catalog 2015

Phenix Takes Protecting Your Samples Seriously At Phenix Research we are committed to protecting one of the most important parts of your research... Your Samples.

Researchers frommany disciplines are becoming increasingly reliant on biobanks and properly stored samples to manage their work. Traditional cryovials and established process are being replaced by systems for programmatic freezing and thawing of samples. Standard labeling of samples is evolving to the use of 2D barcoded tubes and scanners which work well with inventory management systems and provide absolute sample identification over time. As the market has evolved, so has our product offering. This 80 page catalog has products for all areas of cryogenic storage and cold chain management. PHENIX offers the best of traditional and new technology for sample management fromwell-known manufacturers (Corning, Greiner, Eppendorf, etc.) and others that are leading the evolution of technology in this area. We hope that you will appreciate our broad selection, outstanding service and overall value and will consider us as a supplier in this area. Some New Products In This Catalog...

NEW " C ool G rid " Freezer Boxes Easy, Positive Sample ID With Our Grid

Are Your Samples Safe When You're NOT There?

page 36

Web Based, Wireless Monitoring Systems

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Multi-Sensor Module (MSM)

Extreme Temp. Sensor (ETS)

Reduce The Risk To Your Research & Potential Material Losses

Fast, Safe & Reproducible Sample Thawing Benchtop Thawing Station

Ultra Low Temperature -45°C & -86°C Freezers More Samples, Less Floor Space Slim Design Ultra Low Energy Use page 44

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