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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Frankly Speaking “Optimism is the faith that lead to achievement, nothing can be done without hope.” – Helen Keller

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As many of you know from reading my monthly messages, I greatly appreciate a meaningful quote, such as this one from Helen Keller. I often use them as a source of inspiration to get me through an exhausting day, a challenging experience, or to drive me to action. Like Helen Keller, I truly believe that nothing can be done without hope. For the TAE community, there is no more important word than hope. Those who started our temple 50 years ago were driven by hope. Those of us who joined to provide our children with a Jewish education were and are driven by the hope of keeping Judaism alive in our children and their children. And, those of us who continue to support our temple are driven by the hope of today and the promise of tomorrow. We also find hope in our ark, where our three torah scrolls “live,” sustaining our heritage with teachings of wisdom and hope through the 613 commandments found within. This year, we’re focusing upon the 613th commandment: the mitzvah to write a Torah, a truly historical and momentous way to celebrate our 50 th Anniversary. In so doing, we pay homage to our past, honor our present, and ensure our future, while embarking upon the tremendously rewarding journey of creating our own Torah, our own project of hope. Our Torah Project , its official title, is a costly endeavor, and we did not take on this project lightly. It was our good fortune that a leader has emerged, filled with hope for our temple’s future. Through the many blessings of her own heritage, Suzanne Gallant has committed support from her family’s foundation to fund Our Torah Project . As the direct result of Suzanne’s generosity, and with the extraordinary leadership of past president Ken Bock and Rabbi Lisa Bock, Our Torah Project chairs, we have secured the services of Linda Coppelson, one of just a handful of female scribes , soferets, in the world, who will write our new torah, with us, making it incredibly special and unique. Each of you, as a member of TAE, will have an opportunity to write a letter in our new torah. In addition, we will provide personal Torah-project dedication opportunities to ensure our future viability: to pay off our mortgage, upgrade our classrooms, and create a reserve fund for maintaining the future of our facility. Everyone is invited on Sunday, December 4 th , at 10 a.m., to our official 50 th -Anniversary launch, as well as Our Torah Project, and the first in a series of onsite opportunities to scribe with our soferet. I invite you to go to our website, and click on the “Our Torah Project link,” to RSVP for our 50th Anniversary opening event and reserve your time to scribe a letter. There is no better way to engage with your temple community and be a part of our educational and spiritual journey. It all comes back to our Torah and its 613th commandment. In Deuteronomy, the last book of Torah, we are guided to, “Write for yourselves this song, and teach it to the children of Israel. Place it into their mouths, in order that this song will be for me as a witness for the children of Israel.” Clearly, optimism and hope have always defined the Jewish people, and there is no better way to define Our Torah Project… your torah project… than by leading the way to our future. (Please go the link below to find out more)

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