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Brief Game Rules Overview New fall games 2017

Do you want quickly and easily to get a first overview of the new HABA game rules? Or refresh your present knowledge? Then our Brief rules of the game are just the thing!

Family Games

IQUAZÚ 303441

Assemble game board according to instructions. Shuffle all the cards and deal them (in a clockwise direction beginning with the starting player 4 cards, next player 5 cards, etc.). The remaining cards are for the draw pile.  Play in a clockwise direction. Choose between to two actions: A) Draw four more cards. B) Deal cards and place a gemstone of your color on an open rock fissure on the game board. Then pass on the box of gemstones.  After their action, player with the water box places a drop of water on the game board.  Is the first gap in the water frame full? Then carry out interim scoring and distribute bonus cards. Then slide water frame further on by one gap and turn over new bonus cards. Pass on the water box counterclockwise- and the gemstone box in a clockwise direction.  The game ends with the scoring of the third to last rock fissure. Carry out final scoring and move along points of the bonus cards with the scoring markers. ) The player with the most points wins the game. Place the box base in the center as a gold mine. Place all tiles face down into the gold mine.  Choose a game character and take a stick of dynamite. Each character is protected against a particular special tile.  Throw the sticks of dynamite into the gold mine at the same time. After the “explosion,” collect as many gold and action tiles as possible.  The special tiles slow down the other players. The action tiles provide benefits to the player.  Stow away the collected gold! ) The player who has collected the most gold after 12 rounds (see pocket watch) wins.

An exciting game of majorities.

2​ -4​ 10​ -99​



50​ Min.


A fast-paced search for gold.

2​ -4​ 7​ -99​



20​ Min.

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