Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Client Packages March 1, 2016

Q. I currently receive a hard copy client list with every mailing. Will I still receive it?

A. Yes, we will email your client list to you with each mailing. If you would prefer to still receive your list in hard copy, just let us know.

Q. I currently receive 12 extra copies of my newsletter because I only have 88 clients on my list. Will I still receive these extras? A. Yes, you will still receive these extra newsletter copies (beyond the standard sample) in the mail. Q. You currently send me the envelopes that have been returned to update my client list. What will happen with these? A. There are a few options for receiving your return envelopes back: 1. We can scan them and email them to you when returned. 2. We can change the return address to your office address so any returns go back to you. (This is a complimentary service from Canada Post.) 3. We can continue to mail them back to you.

Q. How will I know my mailer has gone out if I don’t receive a client package?

A. Now that you’ll be seeded into your client list, you’ll receive a copy at the same time as your clients do. We will also still email you within 24 hours of your mailer being delivered to Canada Post.

Q. Will I receive a schedule of deadlines for my upcoming mailer?

A. Yes, this will be included in the email notification you receive. It’s also available here for reference.

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