W16-056_Rhys Forgie Questions

PROPOSAL#: W16-056

Date: September 2, 2016


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Attn: Rhys Forgie



Concord Blue One Wastewater Treatment Facility – Proposal Questions

Hello Rhys,

Tom Trainor forwarded me a list of your questions in response to my recent proposal for the wastewater system for the Concord Blue One facility. In reviewing your questions I can immediately tell you are a knowledgeable engineer on the subject of wastewater.

In order to keep things simple and succinct I copied and pasted your questions in the following pages. My responses are all italicized following each question.

I appreciate you looking over my proposal thoroughly as I seldom come across engineers that care to discuss sludge and treatment of wastewater very often.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.


Michael Sargent Sales Director Phone: 847-910-2185 E-mail: msargent@elliscorp.com

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