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21 st November 2017

Mr D Pointer 189 Plumstead Road East Thorpe St Andrew Norwich NR7 9LW

By post & email:

Dear David

Land adjacent to Norwich Road – “The Allotment”

Sarah and I very much enjoyed meeting you, William and Chris at the land adjacent to Norwich Road on 14 th November. Thank you for taking the time to show us around the property and discuss some of the background to the sale. Following our meeting this report summarises the points we discussed and confirms our approach and recommendations in respect of any sale. Please note that this letter is not a formal valuation undertaken in accordance with the RICS Valuation Standards (The Red Book). It is prepared solely for the purpose of marketing the property, and must not be used for any other purpose. However, a formal valuation can be provided if necessary.


The Property

Whilst the property is well known to you, it is helpful for me to clarify some of the detail to ensure that I have picked up on all of the relevant aspects.

The parcel totals approximately 65 acres of arable land bordered by mature hedges and oak trees. You advised that to the south east of the property there is a gas main. There are two points of access to the field, both of which are off Norwich Road. You advised that the typical cropping rotation includes wheat, sugar beet and occasionally potatoes. At present the land is occupied by Pointer Farms of which David is the remaining partner and the land is contract farmed by the neighbour Valerie Smith. There is no written tenancy in place.

The land has been owned by the family since the 1980’s. The ownership is split between yourself, William and Chris. William and Chris are acting as Executors for their late parents.

You confirmed that Basic Payment Scheme entitlements are held by Pointer Farms and claimed annually. The land was under an ELS/HLS scheme but this has expired. There are no footpaths crossing the land. The only designation is that it is in a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone.

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