Canterbury Buildnz designex exhibitor manual

 Educatingemployees inunderstanding and following safety procedures  Immediately correcting any unsafework behaviour from employees, contractors, or visitors. Employees are responsible for:  Taking careof thehealthand safety of peoplewhomight be affectedby their acts or omissions  Controlling and reporting any safety hazards they identify  Complyingwith all health and safety procedures, rules and safe systems of work. Contractors are responsible for:  Providing their employees and subcontractorswithwritten procedures and instructions, safety information, training and supervision to ensurehealthand safety  Ensuring that their employees and subcontractors complywith legislative requirements and current industry standards  Ensuring that their employees and subcontractors use the necessary safety equipment required todo their work. ThisPolicy applies to all activities including circumstances inwhich employeeswork off-site.

XPOExhibitions LtdExecutive fully endorse thisPolicyStatement. ManagingDirector January, 2010 XPOExhibitionsLtd 99-107Khyber PassRoad Grafton, 1023 Auckland


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