Little Sebago Lake Association Winter - 2019/2020 “ Our mission is to protect, restore, and improve our lake’s water quality and fragile ecosystem. We will create and nurture a community of lake stewards, educate users on lake safety, and always bemindful that human needs must be balanced with the needs of the natural environment.”

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Message From The President Pam Wilkinson

It was a very rainy June, wonderful July/August and then it jumped to fall- too quickly! It seems like summers are never long enough. Looking back it was a wonderful warm July which melted into August. As summer progressed, nights beckoned campfires to warm the soul from the cooler shorter days and laughter carried across the water. While we enjoyed the camaraderie and all the memories that summer creates, there was a colony of workers

who dedicated an incredible amount of hours to make this all happen. It all begins in January developing plans to make sure the ecosystem and health of the lake keeps intact, the safety of all is ensured with the increase of all our various boat activities, and fishing, bird watching, or other similar activities are still protected and preserved making sure memories are recreated year after year. More challenges are on the horizon. We are beginning to learn a new lake vocabulary regarding the various forms of algae and invasive threats that are on our horizon challenging our lake. I challenge you to become acquainted with the new buzz words within this newsletter, future postings on the website and internet. It is time for all to adopt your shoreline and be proactive on what you can do to help mitigate deterioration of our water quality. And by the way, while this is happening, the 20 year old milfoil program is productively making great strides to keep our lake usable for all future generations. Let’s do something now so we do not need to spend 20 years on another program. I thank the 15 board and committee members for their professionalism and headfirst thinking. It takes a lake community to raise a healthy lake. May your upcoming holidays be filled with the reason for the season,

Tammy Rosario Water Quality Rick Sullivan

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Pam Wilkinson

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