FM35 Export SMT Digital FM Stereo Transmitter


Ramsey Electronics Model No. FM35

 Synthesized 87.9MHz to 108.1MHz for no frequency drift! Direct digital input of frequency, no jumpers or DIP switches!  Designed for extruded, rugged metal case, all lines have RF chokes, and fully regulated for the cleanest sounding low noise performance yet!  BNC style RF output for easy, reliable connections.  Fully digitally controlled transmit power for custom coverage capabilities!  Digital volume and balance controls for easy audio level adjustments.  Runs from 13.8-16VDC, includes 15V DC adapter.  Quality of signal indicator lets you know when you have a good signal or over-modulated signal. Lets you know when to turn it up, or down!  Great for schools, health clubs, yard casting, drive-in movie theaters, haunted rides, amusement parks, churches, etc! A new and improved version of our popular stereo transmitters, the FM35 is an ideal upgrade for improved performance and ease of use! With a low-noise design and a metal case, the FM35 suffers from much less interference for a better S/N ratio. The FM35 also has full digital front panel control of output power, volume, balance, stereo/mono, and frequency! Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Publication

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