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Why Do We Call Some Animals ‘Friends’ and Others ‘Filets’?

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When Fox News ran a story about a PETA Australia “chef” barbecuing a “dog” at a shopping mall, it was marked

How else to explain why there are no “graphic photo” warnings posted when newspapers publish images of anglers proudly posing with their impaled victims – or when TV commercials show someone chomping on a chicken’s wing? Cows enjoy listening to saxophone music. Pigs play games. Fish use tools. Monkeys position twigs to mark pathways. Birds feign injury to lead predators away from their chicks. Even snails and snakes can find their way back home – very slowly – if relocated. These sentient beings are not here to serve as walking meals or unwilling participants in lethal sporting contests. Even if they don’t share our homes, they still share the ability to feel. PETA’s provocative protests aren’t meant just to disgust people but rather to challenge nonsensical and dangerous assumptions. We want those who are appalled by the very idea of consuming dog flesh to reexamine not what but whom they’re eating. If you look at your plate and see a fellow being there – someone who wanted to live just as much as you do – your instinctive reaction will be horror, not hunger.

“GRAPHIC PHOTOWARNING,” even though the dog wasn’t real – unlike the shrimp, salmon, pigs, cows, chickens, and other animals whose bodies are casually tossed on the grill every day. The public’s reaction to the fake death of the fake dog was heated. “It was beyond sick and twisted,” tweeted one passerby. Another raged that it scared children and “should be classed as public nuisance!”

PETA feels the same way – about killing real animals for food or “fun.” Discriminating against animals based solely on our desire to eat them, as opposed to considering their feelings and desires, is speciesism.

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