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Animal shelters are supposed to be safe havens, not markets where experimenters can shop for “test subjects” to use in deadly veterinary training exercises. PETA blew the lid off Louisiana State University’s practice of doing just that at a local shelter, and the state’s legislators agreed that it should be stopped. The legislature passed a historic VICTORY! Louisiana Bans Shelter Animal Sales to Labs

SUCCESS! Retailers Stick It to Glue Traps See Crackers and other inspiring animals in the PETA 2020 “Rescued” Calendar, available at . I

VICTORY! Fish Check

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law barring any shelter from selling animals to experimenters and from killing animals for the sole purpose of selling their bodies to laboratories.

H ave you ever thought about the way the world looks from an animal’s point of view? When my old dog Ms. Bea died, I was plagued with guilt, remembering times when I was impatient with her, hurrying her along on her walks and hushing her when she barked, which was her way of talking. Author Thomas Murray expressed this feeling beautifully in an essay that he wrote about the passing of his dog, George. When Murray first adopted George, he had to teach his new companion to navigate stairs. “I think that’s the only thing we ever taught him in thirteen years,” he wrote, concluding, “maybe this dog didn’t come to us to learn, but to teach, though it took me a while to understand the lessons.”

Canadian retail chains Buy-Low Foods, FIELDS, Nesters Market, Overwaitea Foods, PriceSmart Foods, Rossy, Save-On-Foods, and Urban Fare committed not to sell glue traps after PETA advised them that small animals caught in these devices often panic and struggle for hours or days before finally dying of shock, dehydration, or asphyxiation. The stores join hundreds of other companies and institutions, including CVS, Walgreens, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Public Storage, U-Haul, and 100 airports, which, thanks to PETA’s campaigns, no longer sell or use them. Take Action Now If you see glue traps being used or sold, please explain to management that they cause animals tremendous suffering, and ask that they be pulled

Fish don’t want to be one-night stands. When PETA pointed that out to GrandLife – the company that manages New York’s Soho Grand Hotel and The Roxy Hotel – it pulled the plug on “goldfish rentals,” in which live fish in cramped bowls were delivered to guests’ rooms upon request, and relocated all of them to private homes. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants ended a similar program at PETA’s request in 2018, but The Pearl Hotel in California still uses betta fish, who are often imported from Asia in small plastic bags for use as room “decorations.” Urge hotel management to treat bettas better at .


Telenovela Queen Goes Vegan

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immediately. Contact PETA at if you need help.

Murray initially tried to get George to finish his business quickly. However, in time, the dog taught him “the joy of a much longer sunrise walk to see the new day, even in winter, and another after dinner to help put the day’s work and worries in perspective.” He regretted smacking George with a rolled-up newspaper to “teach” him to stop barking at the doorbell: “I think he was trying to make me understand that a friend at the door, even a stranger or the mailman, can be a nice little diversion … something to celebrate with a little excitement.”


Pharma Giants Stop Using Forced Swim Test PETA scientists persuaded pharmaceutical giants AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk A/S, and Boehringer Ingelheim to abandon the widely discredited forced swim (or “despair”) test that they’d been conducting on hundreds of mice and rats for decades. AbbVie, DSM, Johnson & Johnson, and Roche also banned this cruel test after working with PETA. ChapStick Still Stuck on Cruelty Pfizer, maker of ChapStick, refuses to ban the terrifying forced swim test, in which experimenters drop mice and rats into inescapable containers of water and make them swim for their lives in order to avoid drowning. If that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, give the company some lip by mailing your tubes of ChapStick back to Pfizer Inc., Attn.: CEO Albert Bourla, 235 E. 42nd St., New York, NY 10017. Collect them from your family, friends, and coworkers, too!

Martha would be so proud of him that she would lick his face if she could. Sir Paul McCartney cited his beloved dog, the inspiration for his song “Martha My Dear,” in a letter sent Sir Paul: They’re All Dear Marthas

Actor Michelle Renaud and her son, Marcelo, teamed up with PETA Latino for a striking ad. In an accompanying video, Michelle, star of the telenovela La reina soy yo ( I Am the Queen ), says, “If now I know that eating animals is bad for you, how could I do that to my son?” She adds, “Everyone decides how to live their life, and we decided to live it with love.”

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Jasmine helps PETA staffer Crystal Silmi achieve enlightenment.

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on PETA’s behalf to Texas A&M University’s president, Michael K. Young. “I have had dogs since I was a boy and loved them all dearly,” he wrote. “Please do the right thing by ending the suffering of dogs in TAMU’s muscular dystrophy laboratory and switching to modern research methods instead.”

Whenever his food was being prepared, George “pranced around the kitchen, standing on his rear legs.” Murray concluded this was “to remind me of the pure joy of wanting and waiting for something, and, by always wagging his tail the entire time he was eating, demonstrating that gratitude is a priceless part of good manners and doesn’t cost a thing.” At Christmas, Murray gave George extra treats. But as far as the dog was concerned, “the only presents that meant much of anything to him were those that were waiting for him … every morning of the year – his family, his friends, his freedom, and not too many baths.” In this issue, we ask everyone to open their eyes to the lessons that animals are trying to teach us. What we learn can help us all become more respectful of others’ interests.


LOVE ALL! EVERYONE WINS WITH WIMBLEDON’S VEGAN CREAM After PETA UK made a racket regarding the luscious virtues of vegan cream, even handing it out at a Wimbledon Grand Slam Championship, the world’s top tennis tournament began offering a dairy-free version of its signature strawberries and cream dish – oh, and vegan Häagen-Dazs ice cream, too. Let’s call that a “love match.”

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