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Cruelty Makes Me Dino-Sore

PETA Gives SeaWorld an Earful Why does SeaWorld let its trainers stand on dolphins’ faces and ride them like surfboards? A new PETA billboard urges everyone to avoid this shameful “sea circus.” And at the company’s annual online meeting, Alec Baldwin asked, on PETA’s behalf, when the

You won’t find cashmere at C/MEO Collective manufacturer Australian Fashion Labels or designer brand ONETEASPOON – they both dropped it from their collections after PETA Australia showed them video footage of goats in Asia screaming in pain and fear as their hair was ripped out and then bleeding to death after their throats were slit. You won’t find it at Lochaven of Scotland (the original supplier of the Hogwarts uniforms worn in the Harry Potter movies), either – it banned cashmere from its product line, too. And cruelly produced mohair is also gone: The Sundance Catalog agreed to ban it following a PETA exposé showing South African shearers nonchalantly slashing angora goats and even beheading one of them. VICTORY! Harry Potter Brand Bans Cashmere

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Did you see the video of hilarious humans racing in Tyrannosaurus rex costumes? PETA UK did and has written to Pamplona’s mayor with a proposal: If you replace the Running of the Bulls – the abusive event in which panicked bulls are chased down slippery streets to an arena, where they will later be stabbed to death – with a T. rex run, PETA UK will spring for the outfits. NO BULL: Let the Dinosaurs Run Instead

harmful, degrading stunts would end. Maybe the abusement park should read the writing on the wall: United Airlines stopped selling tickets to SeaWorld after hearing from PETA, UK travel companies British Airways Holidays and Virgin Holidays have scrapped tours to facilities that hold whales or dolphins captive, and Canada has banned both the breeding and the imprisonment of cetaceans.



PETAAsia’s Video Exposé Has Sponsors Fleeing Elephant Festival

Take Action Now Urge the mayor of Pamplona to ban the Running of the Bulls at

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Hey, Playmobil! ShowKids the TruthWith ‘My First Abattoir’ Would kids drink animal milk if they knew that calves are taken away from their mothers on dairy farms and end up being kicked down the slaughterhouse ramp? No! Playmobil creates a fantasy to disguise a cruel industry, which is why PETA UK asked it to get real by replacing the happy- looking “Large Farm” toy set with a far more realistic “My First Abattoir” one. The suggested version comes with a knife-wielding butcher, worn-out cows lined up for slaughter, and a crated calf taken away from his mother so that

Michael Keaton: Let’s Stop Bear Photo Ops

Nepal’s Chitwan Elephant Festival is anything but festive. As video footage shot by PETA Asia and PETA India reveals, elephants at the event – including babies – are gouged, jabbed, and beaten bloody with bullhooks, crude wooden knives, and sticks in order to force them to “play” soccer and other games. After learning about the abuse, the French automaker Renault, Denmark’s Carlsberg Group, and Nepal’s Kumari Bank, among other sponsors, cut all ties with the cruel spectacle.

“It’s about respect.” That’s what Michael Keaton, star of the anti-captivity CGI masterpiece Dumbo , has to say about stopping cubs from being torn away from their mothers for tourist photo ops. “I really don’t like when people treat them as a kind of prop or something for our entertainment,” he says. “They’re living creatures. … Just let [them] go!”

Take ActionNow Tell everyone you knowwhy they should avoid festivals that use elephants. Don’t take elephant

The Smiths’ JohnnyMarr Slams Santorini Donkey Rides

humans can drink the milk nature intended for him. Now, the good news: In the US, sales of plant-based

Take Action Now Visit to watch and share his video plea to spare bears.

rides, and only visit accredited sanctuaries.

Rocker JohnnyMarr has joined PETA’s push to ban the use of donkeys and mules for hauling visitors up more than 500 steep steps on the Greek island of Santorini, urging the country’s minister of tourism to end the equines’ abuse as “beasts of burden.” As a PETA Germany exposé revealed, handlers hit them to keep them moving. Marr encourages tourists to “use the port’s cable car – or their own two feet – instead.” PETA and its international affiliates have held protests at Greek embassies and consulates around the world – including in Berlin, London, Sydney, The Hague, andWashington, D.C. – and need you to weigh in, too.

milks – such as those made from almonds, oats, cashews, and soy – have jumped 61% in five years. Try them all!


500 SlumCats ‘Fixed,’ Thanks to PETA India

InMumbai, cats are a part of life in the markets, streets, and slums. Many are loved, but few are sterilized – and they often give birth in drainage ditches or under cars. The kittens frequently get sick or starve. Many are hit by cars or treated like toys by children who don’t know how delicate they are. So PETA India jumped in and helped sterilize and vaccinate more than 500 of them, as well as treating them for any ailments. Catastrophe averted!

Take Action Now Never participate in any activity that exploits animals. Visit to watch and share PETA’s video

and to send a message to the Greek minister of tourism.

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