Dr. Marcela RW Johnson

know! So many people, young and old alike are so very lost and are in complete utter darkness when it comes to knowing their “true identity”. Many journeys for years, even decades trying to find the answer to this vital question. Yet, they are failing miserably because they consistently, yet very unfortunately, have been (and many still are) searching in all the wrong places. Some even have decided to just be content with living the lie that they have deemed as their “truth”, by making it their reality. They have done this because the actual truth (as far as they are concerned) is too far from them, completely out of their reach, and/or is just nowhere to be found. By the way, have you ever wondered; what is truth? Is there really any such thing these days? Considering that most people, at least most that I personally have met recently, seem to believe that truth is merely a “ relative matter”. The truth (they say) is whatever I choose to believe it is… or is destined to be, as it pertains to me; and my personal opinion. It (the truth) will conform and change as my personal feelings and/or my personal knowledge changes in regards to that particular matter. In my extensive observation of this present era, I am yet witnessing that too many people (around the globe) now sincerely believe the lie(s) to be the truth! Whereas, to them, the lie, and the truth are one in the same. So now, the truth has become subject to change at any given moment, for any given reason by anyone and everyone who sees fit to change it just because they think they can, and that they have the right to do so, no matter how adversely it affects their neighbor(s), just to promote their cause and/or to prove their point. Whatever that point may be, and be it right or wrong, good, bad or indifferent. And, it is in this light that their truth has proven to be weak, fallible, unjust, uncertain, unstable, unreliable, unrealistic, unpredictable, and simply not true! Therefore, I personally am not content

nor am I happy with that misrepresentation of truth. That is not the truth that anyone should blindly accept, nor be content to abide in. So, it is for this great and desperate cause that I have written this book. In essence, it’s to set the record straight; and to share Light and Love to those who for far too long have dwelt in utter darkness, and have been hopelessly bound because of it… but who now, truly desire to be liberated. With my book, Now I Know! you and your children will honestly KNOW the TRUTH … and You will Be Made Free! Be Bountifully Blessed!




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