Callaway 2019 Products


SUPER LONG | SUPER STRAIGHT | SUPER SOFT The Supersoft Golf Ball is super long, super straight, and super soft with our lowest compression ball, a soft cover, and our new Premium HEX Aerodynamics. The new Supersoft features redesigned hexagonal dimple pattern for improved low-spin aerodynamics. The Supersoft’s feel was maintained through a new softer cover. In addition to the standard white and yellow offer- ings, the new Supersoft line also will incorporate four new matte finish colors (red, pink, green and orange). MATTE FINISH AVAILABLE 3/29

For players looking for the long, straight shots and soft feel of the Supersoft but with added game im- provement performance, the Supersoft Magna is a great option. Features include a larger than standard size with a higher MOI for easier launch, a low compression core for low spin distance, improved HEX aerodynamics for longer carry, and a soft cover for enhanced feel and short game performance. And for those wondering if the larger size of the Magna conforms to USGA rules, it does. 2019 SUPERSOFT MAGNA


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