APC Tools & Equipment Q2 -2019




56 Pc. Ratcheting Geardriver TM Screwdriver Set • Quickly tighten or loosen fasteners • Superior strength in high-torque applications • Work in tight spaces • Ergonomic shaped handles help reduce hand fatigue, improves grip, and increases torque output


$109. 95

available late april


Cold Front™ 3037 Atomized Cooling Fan • Compact size with small footprint (2’ x 4’) • Efficiently cools with minimal increase to air humidity • Runs more than 10 hours on a full tank of water • Does not require a permanent water source • Automatic low water shut-off


1/4" & 3/8" Drive Bolt Biter™ Impact Extraction Socket Sets

Professional Mechanics Collet • Designed to remove threaded studs in very tight spaces • It can securely grasp broken studs with as little as 1/4" of material exposed, including frozen or corroded exhaust manifold studs • A variety of collets are included for common applications, ranging from 6mm to 10mm in size to grasp and remove a number of broken bolts or studs

Pieces 8 Pc. 15 Pc. 28 Pc.

Metric Size Range

SAE Size Range

$49.95 $139.95 $249.95

7mm-16mm 7mm-19mm 7mm-19mm

5/16"-5/8" 1/4"-3/4" 1/4"-3/4"

GW-84782 GW-84783 GW-84784

$179. 95



2 Pc. Handled Pry Bar Set • 12" and 18" handled pry bar included • Durable dual durometer handle • Lifetime Warranty

Dominator 3 Pc. Long and Heavy Duty Pry Bar Set and Rack • Includes 44", 48" and 58" long heavy duty pry bars • The heavy duty rack provides convenient storage and quick access to the tools • Hardened and tempered alloy steel for improved durability • The capped end allows for striking without damaging the handle • Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty

$109. 95

$379. 95



Digital Torque Wrench • Displays torque in real time and at peak when torque is released • Sensitive enough to be used to measure bearing preload torque values • 1/4” Drive, 36 tooth ratchet head • Range 1.5 – 150 in.lbs. • Indicators include green, yellow and red LED light, an audible buzzer, and vibration

4 PC PROGRIP Trim Tool • Mayhew trim tools are designed to quickly lift and extract fasteners without damage • Used for automotive panels, upholstery, and picture framing • Comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty • Mayhew stands for quality, dependability, and confidence

$699. 95

$87. 95 MAY-13078


Battery Cable Kit • All the tools needed to cut, strip, and crimp new terminals - on or off the vehicle in a convenient kit • This set of heavy duty tools can be used with a power or air tools

6 Pc. PROGRIP Trim Tool Set • Black oxide finish for additional rust protection • Made of larger shank steel for heavy-duty applications • Available in multiple shapes and angles for the perfect tool for the application • Made in USA. • Lifetime Warranty

• Kit Includes: terminal crimper, cable stripper, copper strand cable cutter, mini breaker bar, & universal bench mount

$153. 95

$209. 95


April 1 to June 30, 2019

prices are subject to change and will be confirmed at time of order. please see www.g2sonline.ca/catalog for updates and corrections.

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