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By Rod Fielding


Since its first buzzword appearances ten years ago, the term 'podcasting' seemed to all but disappear for a time when social media began to win big audiences. Podcasting's perceived fall from public consciousness came about when media buzz moved on and filled with talk of newer technologies like Facebook and Twitter. But behind the scenes, podcasting continued to grow its audience year on year, actually rivalling numbers claimed by the most successful social media platforms. Even up to the present day, in both the US and UK, around 15 per cent of the adult population are counted as podcast listeners. The vast attractive selection online at the BBC in particular ( podcasts) has helped to maintain the medium's popularity in this country and now major news outlets like The Financial Times, BuzzFeed, and The Guardian are building audiences for their own podcasts.

Currently open 24/7 online, "Map Stack" allows educators, students, or anyone fascinated bymaps to create exquisitely tailored cartographic images via an easy to use web-based interface. The tool uses a systemsimilar toPhotoshop's classic menu of layers and palettes, allowing users to design their own maps without having to know any code, install software, or even do any typing. "The idea is to make it radically simpler for people to design their own map styles. We provide different parts of the map stack, like backgrounds, roads, labels, and satellite imagery, and straightforward controls for manipulating things like colour, opacity, and masking", according to Map Stack. "Within five minutes you can have, say, a map of anywhere in the world with purple satellite buildings and orange roads, if that's your fancy". Making it evenmore like "an Instagram

DIGITAL.BODLEIAN Launched in July, the Digital.Bodleian Web site has won instant approval fromhistorybuffs, researchprofessionals and others supporting open online access to cultural heritage. Although Oxford University's Bodleian Library has been digitising parts of its amazing collections for 20 years, results were either spread across multiple project sites or accessible only at the library in person. This summer, Digital.Bodleian brought together 11,746,808 high-resolution images of books and manuscripts, 1,250,000 maps, and much more besides, all at one attractive interface. Visitors can begin by searching the entire site by keyword, or by browsing There's new help online and on smartphones for cord cutters (people who tune out from subscription TV watching and switch to broadband Internet and IPTV, digital video recorders and other freeview or paid-for viewing). JustWatch is a start-up that launched earlier this year with a search engine that helps cord cutters find ways to watch their favourite film and TV fare. Its Android and iOS apps help users find where to watch cinema releases

and TV series, as well as discover new and popular content across a variety of services, including BBC iPlayer and itvPlayer, Netflix, NowTV, Amazon, iTunes and others. On the Web, the service works as a search engine where you can enter a title and find out where to stream or buy it, and which service currently has the best price. The mobile app offers a similar feature set, and also highlights TV programmes andfilms that are trendingacrossservices.


through collections on topics that range from Party Political Poster Art to Medieval Maps and Victorian Board Games. Collections can also be filtered by types, including Early Printed Books, Maps, and Ephemera, as well as topics, such as History and Politics, or Science and Natural History. With features that allowusers tocurate their owncollections, add notes and tags to individual images, share finds via social media, and even export images and metadata from the collections, serious researchers and interested amateurs alike will be making many repeat visits to this still-growing resource.

for maps", the site also makes it easy to share completed images via Pinterest and Tumblr.




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