Dear Members,

Many of you have received an email this morning from Marty Myers, Laura Lustig, Bill Brachfeld, and Joel Freedman regarding the Clubhouse project. For those who have not received this email, a copy is attached. While the Board appreciates their decision not to proceed any further with the “repair first” proposal, we need to call to your attention that their email is misleading and does not disclose the true nature of their proposal as stated in yesterday’s meeting in the office of Peacock & Lewis. Please be advised of the following: 1. The group present at the meeting, at Peacock & Lewis, decided to recommend the construction of a new Clubhouse on the area now occupied by the 9 th green and the lake in the back of the current Clubhouse. At this meeting, Jim Fazio (our North Course architect), recommended that Holes 8 & 9 on the South Course (designed by Bob Cupp) be altered to allow a new clubhouse on the location where the lake and 9 th green presently exists.

For a variety of reasons, our preliminary analysis discloses the following problems with this “proposal”:

a. Currently, the lake and the adjacent pumping station provide the irrigation for both of our golf courses.

b. An entire new surface drainage plan would have to be submitted to the South Florida Water Management District (“SFWMD”), a process which would be lengthy. We would have to build a new lake on the property to replace the irrigation capacity lost by the lake. Current requirements for the construction of a new lake are much more restrictive and expensive then were involved in the construction of the existing lake. c. Building a new Clubhouse on the lake & 9 th green and relocating portions of Holes 8 & 9 would be a major alteration of the golf course. The back yards of homes on the northern part of Verdun Drive would be significantly impacted by the adjacent new clubhouse. Depending on the proposed alteration of Holes 8 & 9, other homes on Verdun Drive and Loire Lane would also be adversely impacted.

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