REGISTRATION DOCUMENT Annual financial report

urazeo is a leading global investment company with offices in Paris, Luxembourg, New York, E Shanghai, and São Paolo. It manages a diversified portfolio of approximately €15 billion in assets (1) , of which over €9 billion for third parties. At the end of 2017, the company stepped up its investment momentum by acquiring interests in Rhône and Idinvest. Eurazeo operates in virtually all private equity markets on three continents and has a portfolio featuring around forty companies of all sizes and sectors, for which it is most often the majority or key shareholder. Eurazeo’s growth is based on its strategic choices and unique positioning: a bold and distinctive investment approach, combining responsibility, transparency and a long-term vision; a flexible and responsive organization, designed to make selective investment by leveraging market opportunities; a corporate culture geared towards entrepreneurship, which is synonymous with proactivity and performance; and finally, collaborative, impressively talented teams that work closely with investments. Eurazeo purpose and mission is to identify, develop and enhance the potential of the companies in which it invests to create sustainable value. Transformation forms the core of its investor business: extensive transformation of the business models used by its investments to create champions, by activating all the financial, strategic and human levers at hand, while at the same time transforming its own organization to more effectively support the growth of its companies and the rapid changes in its ecosystem. This ability to constantly adapt, combined with a long-term vision, produces a robust and attractive model that is instrumental in boosting growth for companies and performance for shareholders. (1) pro forma of the Idinvest Partners and Rhône Capital investments.


This label recognizes the most transparent Registration Documents according to the criteria of the Annual Transparency Ranking. The English language version of this report is a free translation from the original, which was prepared in French. All possible care has been taken to ensure that the translation is an accurate presentation of the original. However, as in all matters of interpretation, views or opinions expressed in the original language version of the document in French take precedence over the translation.

This Document is a free translation of the Registration Document that was filed with the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) on April 6, 2017 pursuant to Article 212-13 of its General Regulations. It may be used in support of a financial transaction if supplemented by a prospectus approved by the AMF. This document contains all information relating to the Annual Financial Report. It was drawn up by the issuer and is binding upon the persons who signed it.



2017 Registration document

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