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Dr. Laurie Elit to be Honoured with GOC’s Presidential Medal

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Updates from CoP (Communities of Practice) Fall Meeting 2015

This will be my last newsletter as the president of GOC since my two-year term is almost complete. Walter Gotlieb will be taking over from me as of July 2016. A more capable incoming president than Walter would be difficult to find and it is my great pleasure to welcome him to his new position. I would like to take this opportunity to update you on some of our recent policy/practice initiatives. GOC runs three meetings each year: two educational in nature, the Continuing Professional Development Meeting and the Annual General Meeting, and one that is more practically-oriented, the fall CoP Forum. As an Executive, we would like to be able to invite more of our membership to attend the CoP Forum but finances in our volunteer, not-for- profit organisation don’t allow for this. As such, it is very important to keep those of you who

weren’t at the meeting in the loop with the following meeting outcomes: GOC BRCA goal is launched! The issue of BRCA testing is our biggest and most pressing initiative. Its raison d’être is the lack of uptake of BRCA testing across Canada with all the downstream negative consequences: missed opportunities for prevention in affected family members and the resulting lack of access to PARP inhibitor therapy to our BRCA mutated patients. At the annual Communities of Practice meeting in late fall, GOC launched the BRCA ToT initiative after a long period of preparation and planning, including extensive negotiations with our potential collaborators. You can find details of this program in Michael Fung-Kee-Fung’s article in this this issue of The GOC News . At the

By delivering the best care to her patients with gynecologic cancer, while devoting time to leading edge research and pioneering international work, Dr. Laurie Elit ismaking a difference in themanagement of gynecologic cancers. Join us Friday June 17 at the AGMGala Dinner inVancouver when we come together to celebrate Dr. Elit.

Please join us celebrate Dr. Elit’s meritorious achievements.



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