Rapid Recovery Book

Day of Discharge

If you are going directly home:

 Someone responsible needs to drive you home.  You will receive written and verbal discharge instructions concerning medications, physical therapy, activity and follow - up appointments.  We will help you to arrange for any special needed equipment.  Most patients go to outpatient physical therapy within 1 - 2 days. You may go to the therapy department of your choice.  If you require home health services, we will arrange for this.  Some patients may need to go to an inpatient rehab or skilled nursing facility. These facilities are designed to help you transition into your home life.  We want you to be included in patient teaching during your family member’s hospital stay. We want you to feel welcome to participate in your family member’s care.  If you have special needs or questions, please direct them to any of our staff members. We will assist you in any way possible.  Hospital visiting hours are flexible based on the patient’s needs. Feel free to call the surgical floor at (620) 820 - 5316. Someone will direct your inquiry to the appropriate person.  Social Services can provide helpful discharge resources and can be reached at 620 - 820 - 5483. A Special Note for Family & Support Friends

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