Rapid Recovery Book

TRANSFER: Wheelchair To Car (Unassisted)

General Tips

 Open the car door  Angle wheelchair as close as possible (leaving enough room for person to stand and pivot)  Remove feet from footrests, move foot rests out of the way, lock the brakes.  Put feet flat on the ground. Place the uninvolved foot slightly behind the involved foot.  If both legs are weak, put the stronger leg slightly forward.  Loops or other devices may be attached to car to assist movement. Reverse the procedure to return to the wheelchair

Lean forward, push down on armrest and come to a standing position. Balance, standing, for a few seconds.

Starting Position

Pivot on feet until the back of the legs are against the seat.

Slowly lower body into seat. Use the arms on the seat, if possible.

Lift each leg into the car.

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