Rapid Recovery Book

Infection Prevention

The prevention of infection starts before your surgery. The following are some things that increase your risk of infection.

1. History of MRSA or CRE . Make sure your doctor is aware if you have ever had any kind of infection that required long term IV antibiotics. 2. Smoking . Smoking affects the normal wound healing process and increases your risk of respiratory complications such as pneumonia. It is optimal to stop smoking 4 weeks prior to your surgery. 3. Poor hand hygiene . You need to wash your hands with soap and water or use alcohol gel before you eat, after visiting the toilet, using the commode or urinal, and before touching your incision. It is also important to use alcohol gel or soap and water after you blow and/or wipe your nose. It is good practice to ask any health care worker if they have washed their hands or used alcohol gel. 4. Not showering or bathing before your surgery . Make sure your skin is clean be- fore you come to the hospital for your surgery. Use either soap or antiseptic agents that have been provided or recommended by your physician. 5. Diabetes with poor control . It is very important to have good control of your blood sugar before, during and after your surgery. Tell your surgeon, physician assistant, anesthesia provider and/or nurse when you had your last Hgb A1C checked. High blood sugars increase your risk of infection.

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