Rapid Recovery Book

Skin Preparation Before Surgery

Cleaning and preparing your skin before surgery is very important for the pre- vention of infection. It is very understandable as you prepare for your surgery you have a lot on your mind. To help prepare your skin, we are providing you with a checklist:  Shower or bathe using antimicrobial soap such as Dial or Hibicleanse for three (3) consecutive days. Wash your face and hair as you usually would. Do not shave your legs.  Use a clean wash cloth for your face and a second clean wash cloth for the rest of your body.  Use a clean towel after each shower. The area that will be operated on should be the first area that you dry off with the clean towel.  Wear clean night clothes.  Put clean sheets on your bed. Don’t let ;your pets sleep in your bed.  Do not put lotion or moisturizers on your skin.  The night before or the morning of your surgery, shower using the soap that was provided to you at the doctor’s office.

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