Rapid Recovery Book

Transition to Home: Making the Discharge Plan

You need to think about your dismissal before you are admitted to the hospital. It is your right and responsibility to participate in your discharge planning. We will all be involved in your discharge plan: * Patient and Family * Program Coordinator * Surgeon

* Physical Therapist * Discharge Planner

Discharge Planning Options

 Home: Outpatient therapy may be recommended for up to 3 times per week.  Home with Home Health: Home Health comes to your home for Physical Therapy  Inpatient Rehab Unit: There is a screening process to see if you meet qualifications. It is Medicare regulated—not everyone will qualify  Skilled Nursing Facility: Stay at a Skilled Nursing Facility of your choice for longer care and therapy.

Our Discharge Planner will help you with insurance and authorizations. If you or your family would like to visit with our social worker or discharge planner prior to your surgery, please contact them at 620 - 820 - 5483.

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