W16-119_Bill Miller_CFM_DAF-20 System

PROPOSAL#: W16-119

Date: December 27, 2016 To: CFM, Inc. Attn: Bill Miller Bill.miller@cfm2.com Re:

Refurbished Ellis Wastewater DAF-20 Treatment System

Hello Bill, As discussed earlier I have a unique opportunity for you to purchase a refurbished wastewater system. The system was originally sold to a customer in Spring of 2014 and is in very good condition. The customer is no longer in production, has no immediate need for the system, and is looking to return this asset. Should Ellis accept return of the system we plan to clean, inspect, and run every component. Should everything pass inspection, the system will be sold under standard Ellis Terms & Conditions as a new system. There will be no reason for be concern about the condition and/or performance of the system. As for the system design, it features every component critical for wastewater treatment. It is hydraulically oversized relative to the current flow/capacity needs of CFM, Inc.. However, this will not affect the treatment performance. Furthermore, it will give CFM the opportunity to increase capacity in the future without concerns of wastewater treatment. A brand new, smaller comparable system tailored to your current design needs will cost more money. Subsequently, I strongly believe this is a very good opportunity for CFM to take advantage and save over $40,000.00. Lastly, the municipality is requiring you to include a flow meter in your system. If you do not they will

charge you a penalty. The proposed system below includes your flow meter. Thanks again for the opportunity and please let me know if you have any questions. Regards,

Michael Sargent Sales Director

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