Spring 2018 Hardlines Strategies


“The raffle was the last thing they announced at the Market, and it was a great win for us,” Moreland says. “We needed Bobby’s help.” Armstrong visited Palace Hardware for a week in November and helped the new retailers condense their inventory to better present products. Palace Hardware was also missing items in several categories at the time, King says. Armstrong was able to place those orders during his visit. For King, the support of the community has helped his business grow faster than he or his partners could have anticipated. They continue to come up with ideas for new categories and expanded product selections, and the team is ready to keep learning. “It really comes down to support from local businesses, churches and organizations, as well as Blish-Mize,” King says. “We hear all the time, ‘Thank you for opening the hardware store.’ We’re here for the community.”

The checkout counter is a hub for sales at Palace Hardware, as well as for advice and community news. Customers can also get suggestions on service providers in the area.

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That’s gonna make a mess.


Be ready, because you never know.

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