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Putting Names to Faces Facebook Ads Offer Ways to Reach Customers Online

Yet no matter what reason someone chooses to spend time on the popular social network site, the fact is that they do, and by the millions. As of September 2017, the social media platform has 2.07 billion monthly active users, according to Facebook Newsroom. In May 2016, the New York Times reported that users spent 50 minutes each day on Facebook and its sister sites, Instagram and Messenger. That’s an audience no retailer can afford to ignore, which is why even those who haven’t created a website for their business often have a company Facebook page. However, just posting the occasional special sale or employee photo isn’t using Facebook to its fullest extent. The social media giant’s ability to put companies in front of their customers can be enhanced by targeted ads that can drive traffic toward your page, and then through your doors. Not a marketing professional? No problem. Follow these tips on how to best take advantage of Facebook Ads. Upgrade Your Page Not all Facebook business pages are created equal. However, a well-curated page with a manager, which you can create at no charge, can do great things for a business. ones, and where users can freely disagree on topics of the day. F acebook is, for better or worse, of the town square. It’s where families gather to share photos of loved today’s equivalent

Multimedia Maven Every type of ad format—circulars, flyers or TV or radio ads—has its strengths, but few options offer the ability to add photos and videos like Facebook. Whether it’s a quick image of employees setting up for an event or an entire product demo, the power of this format comes through. Customers feel like they’re a part of your business.

But these pages generally only get your posts to customers who are already following you. If you want your brand to be more visible on Facebook, it’s going to cost you. The good news: Effective ads can be affordable. Every business determines its marketing budget differently, depending on the media consumption habits of its customers. Print ads can still have great appeal in certain markets, but Facebook’s popularity lends itself to any size retailer’s plans. Options, Options, Options Facebook doesn’t try to force every business to use the same ad format. The process of building a business ad includes providing specific information, such as what the ad is trying to achieve, who is it trying to reach and how much you would like to spend. This helps you target the exact audience you want and keep from overspending on ads that don’t work. And, Blish-Mize customers who use the Xpress Ad program can easily upload those ads to their store’s Facebook page, with just the click of a button.

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