Spring 2018 Hardlines Strategies


“That timeline tells the tale of how much Randall Lumber and Hardware and Taos have meant to each other. During World War II, when most of the men were overseas, this store was a resource for homeowners to get roofs fixed, plumbing issues solved or a baluster repaired. We filled that need, and the Randall family extended credit to make sure those things got done,” Serrano says. He says the same goal of helping others still runs through the company today. “Many of our employees have active roles in the community, whether it’s coaching local teams, serving in church parishes or as members of philanthropic organizations,” he says. Working With Blish-Mize That attitude of service and community was a big factor for the company in 2009, when Randall Lumber and Hardware began looking for a new wholesaler to do business with. Blish-Mize reflected those community-forward ideas, Serrano says, which was just one of the reasons Randall Lumber and Hardware decided in 2010 to become Blish-Mize customers. “We actually looked closely at the co-ops, but we decided that wasn’t what we wanted to do. We’re a true independent, and we feel very strongly about that identity. Blish-Mize is just as dedicated to that independence,” Serrano says. “They offered the hardline items we sought, but they don’t mandate anything. To serve this community, we need that flexibility.” Randall Lumber and Hardware also worked with Blish-Mize to bring in Hardware House products. Now, customers can find Hardware House items among the company’s selection of plumbing fixtures, lighting, cabinets and vanities. “We truly wanted to differentiate from other private labels; we wanted products our customers could trust to bring quality while remaining profitable,” Serrano says. With all that Randall Lumber and Hardware has gained from its partnership with Blish-Mize, Serrano knows it’s well- prepared for the future. “We’re excited to offer a second location, and we look forward to serving our newest customers.”

Top: Antique tools are displayed at Randall Lumber and Hardware. Bottom: From left, Russ Driskell, hardware manager; Hilario Serrano, director of retail operations and marketing; Britt Bland, owner/yard operations manager; and Paula Randall-Ervin, co-owner; stand in front of the original storefront of Randall Lumber and Hardware.

8 Spring 2018 • Hardlines Strategies

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